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Biology on Ecosystem - Essay Example

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11. Environmental threats in order of decreasing importance: Global climate change, loss of species and ecosystems, global overpopulation, depletion of the ozone layer, coal-burning power plants, tropical deforestation, outdoor air pollution, abandoned toxic waste sites, nuclear waste build-up, acid rain, surface water (lakes, rivers, streams) pollution, indoor air pollution, toxic chemicals in air, water and soil, drinking water pollution, the presence of hormones and antibiotics in our meat…
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Biology Essay on Ecosystem
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"Biology on Ecosystem"

Download file to see previous pages The increase in temperatures is also linked with unsolicited changes in global climate, resulting in natural calamities such as floods, tsunamis and hurricanes. This problem is very important to consider because global climate change not only results in natural calamities that damage human properties, lives, and agriculture, but also results in damage to the ecosystem. Many areas have reported loss of biodiversity and imbalances in ecosystems, because even subtle changes in the natural climate cycles cause immense damage to many ecosystems and the species that thrive in them. The problem of global warming and its associated global climate change can be eliminated if we live a responsible lifestyle by minimizing our carbon footprint and adopt technologies that have minimum fossil fuel usage, and carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. II - Loss of species and ecosystems Pollution by humans and human activities, and encroachment of natural lands for human settlement and other purposes has caused severe losses to ecosystems and species. Loss of many species and their ecosystems has resulted in a great loss of biodiversity. Many species are currently under threat of extinction. The loss of species and ecosystems is very dangerous as it directly affects the survival of life on the entire planet. Sometimes the loss of a single important species may damage the entire ecosystem. Such losses have global implications. In order to avoid loss of species and ecosystems, it is important to avoid pollution and land encroachment that destroys species habitats and negatively affects natural ecosystems. Better preservation strategies should be employed for species protection and everyone should be made aware of the importance of protecting vulnerable ecosystems and organisms. III - Global overpopulation Human population is multiplying rapidly and the resultant drain on earth’s natural resources is increasingly becoming a cause of concern. Overpopulation leads to increase pollution, increased encroachment of natural ecosystems, increased demand for water and other resources, increased use of natural products and trees, etc. This is one of the biggest environmental concerns today because human lifestyle and activities are causing a drain on the earth’s limited resources. It has indirectly led to the destruction of ecosystems and loss of species, global warming, climate change and all other environmental damages. The more the population explodes, the more demands for food, water and shelter have to met at the expense of the natural world. The problem of overpopulation can be solved by educating people about the importance of family planning and limiting their progeny. Awareness campaigns should target those populations that are least informed about the hazards of overpopulation and how it can be avoided. 2. List five of the major forms of public land in the United States and briefly describe the purpose of each. 1. Parks & monuments – Preservation of monuments and provision of recreational activities 2. Historical-Cultural sites – Protection of historically and culturally important sites, entertainment value 3. Lakes & reservoirs – Preservation of lakes and reservoirs for scientific purposes and use for public services 4. Wilderness areas – ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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