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Living Environment in Kalahari - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date With the current rate of industrialization, there has been an increase in the rate of carbon gas release. This has increased the rate of global warming in the world. As a result, climatic conditions have changed both in the arctic and desert regions such as Kalahari…
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Living Environment in Kalahari
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Extract of sample "Living Environment in Kalahari"

Download file to see previous pages Measures to diverge these conditions have become futile. Despite many global environmental bodies that are mandated with environmental protection being set, little is being done due to lack of good will from different countries from the globe. Many meetings e.g. Kyoto have been convened in an effort to look for a solution to the crisis, but little has been achieved as developed countries have failed to sign the protocol which would bind the countries to contribute in environmental protection (Valsson, 2006). Some of the adverse effect of environmental pollution has been highlighted in the book, cry in the Kalahari. The author emphasizes on the problems that the animals go through in the wilderness. He wrote that they lacked basic needs making them make use of the little water that they get e.g. water from the bowls that the writer forgot outside the tent. This indicates the human ignorance when building empires while ignoring other living organisms which also depend on the environment (Owens & Cordelia, 1992 p.4). The chapter also emphasizes on the neglect by the developed countries to help in environmental conservation measures despite playing a great role in environmental pollution. ...
This has increased demand for land. The land that was previously used by animals as their habitat has been transformed into human living areas. This has starved thousands of wild animals as feeding areas have reduced tremendously (Owens & Cordelia, 1992). Desert conditions have become very extreme with the living conditions become so unbearable. People living in these areas have been left vulnerable unable to afford even the basic needs. It has become hard for them to grow food crops as the environmental conditions have become harsh (Haluzan 2010). Environmental conditions in the arctic regions have also changed. The temperature levels have increased with 0.7 degree centigrade. This has led to smelting of the snow making the environment unfavorable for animals living in these areas. Furthermore, the vegetation which are adapted to cold conditions, have also been affected. Aquatic organisms have also been affected with a majority of them dying as a result of increased temperature levels of the water (Haluzan 2010). Changes in biodiversity Biodiversity plays a great role in protecting the lives of people, increasing food security, health and even resilience. There have been great changes in biodiversity especially in the northern countries. The changes in biodiversity are expected to continue increasing with the level of temperature increasing in the world. The growing vegetation both in the desert and the arctic regions are affected directly by changes in climatic conditions. According to the scientific information, the lichens and mosses population levels are expected to decrease. These act as food for reindeer therefore; their population is also expected to decrease (David & Paul, 1992, p. 16). On the other hand, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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