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Effects of the Light Wavelengths Pea Germination - Essay Example

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This paper explores the role of light wavelengths during plant germination of which in this case the pea seedlings were used. Sunlight is very critical for the process of photosynthesis as it‘s the driver of the process…
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Effects of the Light Wavelengths Pea Germination
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"Effects of the Light Wavelengths Pea Germination"

Download file to see previous pages The difference in light wavelength is possible by use of light filter papers that will only select required wavelength. The experiment done and that forms the basis of this paper is a reflective of the phenomenon. Five pots were used to grow the pea in different light wavelength and then the masses of the pea in the different pots taken. The plants were then placed in an oven (80 degrees centigrade) and the masses of the dry weight of the pea observed and weighed. The results of the experiment show the different activities of the light wavelength on chlorophyll element of the plant, which is responsible for the absorption of light for photosynthesis.
The main aim of the experiment is to ascertain the portion of the light spectrum that is absorbed the most in the leaves by chlorophyll. Apparently, it is known that the light wavelengths are best absorbed at the red and blue region (Toole, Toole, & Toole 1999, p. 132). The light wavelengths are measured in units called Nano meters (nm). In this case, the light wavelengths are best-absorbed 670nm and 500nm in the red and blue region respectively (Mauseth, & Mauseth 2009, p.92). It is therefore hypothesized that much growth occurred in the pots with the red and blue wavelength. Plants grown in the green wavelength environment are therefore expected to poorly perform since they are poorly absorbed to facilitate the process of photosynthesis. At this point of light wavelength absorption, the chlorophyll a and b are responsible for the absorption. There are other accessory pigments that helps absorb light wavelengths that do not fall within the active wavelength. An example of these accessory pigments the carotenoid....
There are other accessory pigments that helps absorb light wavelengths that do not fall within the active wavelength. An example of these accessory pigments the carotenoid (Mauseth, & Mauseth 2009, p. 98). The diagram below shows the absorption of light wavelength in the spectrum by the chlorophyll. (McDonald 2003, p. 116) Methodology Since the aim of the experiment was to establish the effects of the light wave length on germination of the pea plant, several batches of the plant were taken and simultaneously grown in the different light wavelengths. These included the red light, the green light, white light and the rest grown in the dark. The white light in this case was used as the control for the experiment. After germination of the pea, a close and careful observation of the seedlings was done and the salient features noted. In the batches of the pea that were grown in the different light wavelength, Vertical heights of the five tallest seedlings were taken and the average taken. Precision was taken to ensure that the measurement reflects the accurate length of the seedlings-measurement was started at the vermiculite/soil level. The seedlings in the white pot whose average was found were then taken out of the pot. The process was done carefully to ensure that no disturbances were caused on the roots of the plant. Any vermiculite/soil that was left on the roots were also carefully removed. A labeled piece of red paper was then placed in the tare key to set the zero balance, this was particularly important in ensuring that the precise weight of the seedlings was recorded. The five seedlings from each of the pots with the peculiar wavelength were taken through the procedure and finally weighed and the units recorded-this was regarded as taking the wet ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Effects of the Light Wavelengths Pea Germination Essay)
“Effects of the Light Wavelengths Pea Germination Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/biology/1445704-formal-report-based-on-biology-lab.
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