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The Green Anaconda - Essay Example

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The Green Anaconda dwells in the tropical areas of South America. It is mainly an aquatic animal, most well known for its vast proportions and predatory abilities. With regards to mass, the Green Anaconda is the world’s largest snake. Fully grown females can weigh as much as 550 lbs and have a length of 32 feet (Murphy, 1997)…
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The Green Anaconda
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"The Green Anaconda"

Download file to see previous pages The Eunectus marinus, also known as the ‘’Green Anaconda’’ is the best know of these species. Possibly lizard posterity, these snakes contain hints of pelvic and hind limbs. The workings of an Anaconda’s body are mostly unknown, with only theories concerning the two working lungs present inside it in contrast to the usual elongated one (Pinney, 1991). The Green Anaconda is usually found inside rivers, marshes and lakes in South America predominantly in the basins from Venezuela to Argentina. In some places, they also live in flooded grasslands. In dry weather, they seek refuge in caves. Their skin color helps them to camouflage themselves in the river’s contents. These anacondas are excellent swimmers and keep to their territory, which varies during the year (National Geographic, web). The Green Anaconda is built to best overcome its prey. Its lean, strong body coils around its victim, squeezing them until they die of suffocation. The muscle bones are somewhat relaxed, the lower jaw and the upper jaw not joined and the surrounding muscles powerful, enabling the anaconda to swallow victims larger than normally possible. The thick skin and the razor sharp teeth that turn towards the back of its mouth leave the prey helpless against this deadly predator. The teeth’s function is hardly biting down or even gnawing, they are a means of trapping the prey (Thorbjarnarson, 1995). The Green Anaconda is believed to be a patient predator, mainly hunting in water bodies. It estimates the size of its victim by contrast with the size of its mouth. With only its eyes and mouth above water, the anaconda senses its prey through vibrations occurring though the water. Once its victim is close enough, in order to keep it in place, the anaconda bites it, quickly coiling its large body around it in order to suffocate and then, swallow its meal. When the anaconda squeezes its victim, it simultaneously breaks their spine or neck. The Anaconda’s usual victims are deer, pigs, turtles and sometimes, jaguars (Murphy, 1997). These victims are swallowed completely. Owing to the Green Anaconda’s slow metabolism, this snake can survive for as much as a few months. The length of time is decided by the size of its prey. This phenomenon has allowed the anaconda to survive in droughts and famines. On the other hand, food is not the only motivation for hunting. Hunting is considered to be correlated with successful mating (Pinney, 1991). The Eunectus marinus’s mating is very complex. Pheromones are secreted by the female in order to attract the male. A group of males gather around one female during the end of the March. An accumulation of males (even as many as twelve) form a ‘’mating ball’’. Shallow waters usually host the call for these. Male anacondas try inserting their hemipenes, into the female’s cloaca. In preparation for copulation, the male anacondas also try familiarizing themselves with the female anaconda’s smell. Once a male manages to insert a waxy plug in the female’s cloaca, she is prevented from further fertilization (Rivas, 2001). Once pregnant, the female can no longer feed for as long as she carried the offspring, which can be as long as six to seven months. The eggs of an Anaconda hatch within the female and come out as in their normal physical form. The eggs can be up to one hundred. The Anaconda does not portray any parental inclinations. The closest ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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