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Patterns of Inheritance - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Question 2. One important sex linked disorder that affects humans is that of hemophilia. The disease is an X-linked recessive trait that results in a decreased ability to clot. Thus, if a hemophilic is cut they bleed for a much longer amount of time than a non hemophilic…
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Patterns of Inheritance Essay
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"Patterns of Inheritance"

Download file to see previous pages In contrast a female must inherit two copies of the allele, one from each parent to exhibit the disease. A cross of a female carrier and a male with the disease will mean that the children will have a 50% chance of inheriting the disease regardless of gender. It is the only case where a female is able to inherit the disorder. Crossing a female with the disease with a male that doesn’t have it will result in all male offspring having the disease and all females being carriers. Finally, crossing a female and a male both that have the disease will result in all offspring having it. Many genetic disorders are inherited recessively. As such the child must have two copies of the allele for it to show phenotypically. One such disorder is cystic fibrosis. This condition results in the excess build up of mucus in many organs including the lungs and liver, as well as an increased susceptibility to developing infections. Without treatment the disease often results in death at early childhood. A cross between a female carrier (Cc) and a male with the disease (CC) would result in 50% of the offspring having the disease, and the other 50% being carriers. A cross between two carriers (Cc) would result in a quarter of the offspring having the disease, half being carriers and the final quarter not inheriting the allele. Lastly, a cross between two individuals with the disease would result in all of the offspring having the disease. ...
Thus, a cross between two carriers (heterozygotes) would result in three quarters of the offspring having the disease and one not. A cross between a female that did not have the disease and a male carrier (heterozygote) would result in half of the offspring having the disease and the other half not. Finally, a cross between two individuals with the disease depends on the genotypes of each. If both have only one copy of the disease allele, then one quarter of their offspring will not have the disease. However, if even one of them is homozygous, then all offspring will have the disease. Question 3. Mendel’s laws predict the manner in which traits are passed from one generation to the next. His theories propose that two alleles exist for each trait, one which is dominant over the other. If an individual has one copy of the dominant allele then this trait is visible even if a copy of the recessive allele is present. If there are two copies of the recessive allele, then the recessive trait is visible. The inheritance of these traits follows the simple laws of probability. However, not all inheritance follows these patterns. Four variations to these laws are incomplete dominance, multiple alleles Incomplete dominance is a form of inheritance where an individual that has dominant and one recessive allele shows an intermediate phenotype between the two. For example, if a flower with RR is red, and rr is white, then one with the genotype Rr may be pink. However, it is clear that the two alleles do not blend with one another, as they are visible individually in later generations. As a consequence of this, a cross of a homozygous dominant and homozygous recessive individual will result in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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