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An Argumentive About Using Animals for Testing Cosmitics - Research Paper Example

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This report talks that animals have been around humanity for as humanity has existed and their relationship is one of both love and hate. The article also provides us information on some affordable and more effective methods of testing, which will be discussed later in the paper. …
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An Argumentive Paper About Using Animals for Testing Cosmitics
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Extract of sample "An Argumentive About Using Animals for Testing Cosmitics"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that one of the negative impacts that comes to mind when reading this article is that the act of animal testing, along with the justifications for animal testing place wrong ideas in the minds of society and therefore in time, creates a society that, like animal testing, is willing to sacrifice one person, or thing, in order to gain another. This should not be the case since all life has value. One other negative effect that we can observe from this article is that the cost that animal testing has racked up is too large to ignore. As previously mentioned, there are more practical, economical and accurate tests and methods available. There are many alternatives to animal testing that can be more economical, accurate and less cruel. This portion of the paper is aimed to discuss and list some of the alternatives one can make use of instead of animal testing. The animals get hurt from these tests do not have a voice of their own. Some people may not know this, and some might even deny this but animals have feelings and sensations as well as we do and although they are unable to vocalize it, they also feel pain and suffering. This is the reason why there are animal rights movements, because animals cannot fight for themselves, and that they do need someone to defend them as they cannot do it themselves.
This paper firmly believes that the practice of animal testing is both cruel and unnecessary. Based on the information and evidences provided about, we can definitely see that animal testing causes harm, no just to animals, but to society, and even humans as well and also see that there are safe, humane and practical alternatives to animal testing that are also potentially more accurate. ...
The statement being made is that animal testing in cosmetics is a fact and that it has a negative effect. The first article we can look at is one by It states certain details and information regarding animal testing in cosmetics. It states certain details such as death of animals involved in animal testing with cosmetics, cruel and inhumane testing as well as the inaccurate nature of these tests. This gives us a good jump-off point for our argument regarding the negativity and cruelty behind animal testing. The article also provides us information on some affordable and more effective methods of testing, which will be discussed later in the paper. Another paper we can look at is one by It provides us with a graphic account of certain tests that are done by some companies and what effects they have on animals such as rabbits, rats, and others. These tests result in discomfort, suffering and even death for the animals involved. The article states that although there are no laws that specifically require animal testing for cosmetic products, some companies still opt to do them despite the pain, suffering and death on th part of the animal. Lastly, one article by discusses the kind of tests that are done to animals, provides us some reasons as to why it is done, but at the same time recognizes that these tests are wrong, and that there are alternatives that are not cruel, and are to an extent, more effective than animal testing. Negative effects of animal testing As this paper's main goal is to argue that animal testing is negative practice, it must first discuss its negative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(An Argumentive Paper About Using Animals for Testing Cosmitics Research)
An Argumentive Paper About Using Animals for Testing Cosmitics Research.
“An Argumentive Paper About Using Animals for Testing Cosmitics Research”, n.d.
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