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(Genetic Analytical Report ) exmamine the postive &negative effects of providing patrents with information on their genetic pred - Essay Example

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The positive effects of providing patients with information on their genetic predisposition to diseases Abstract The objective of this report is to discuss the positive effects of making patients, both urban and rural aware of their genetic predisposition to diseases…
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(Genetic Analytical Report ) exmamine the postive &negative effects of providing patrents with information on their genetic pred
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Extract of sample "(Genetic Analytical Report ) exmamine the postive &negative effects of providing patrents with information on their genetic pred"

Download file to see previous pages Following recommendations were made based on research: Recommendation 1: Increased funds are required to further the research and implementation of treatments for genetic diseases. If they are provided with sufficient funds, hospitals and health care centers will be better able to offer treatment for the genetic diseases. Recommendation 2: Tertiary schools and medical colleges should be given incentives to include genetics in the curriculum and develop the awareness of the advantages of predisposition to genetic diseases in the students. Recommendation 3: Develops an educational campaign to make people aware of the uses of treatment before diagnosis of disease. This will generate an incentive for the people to seek treatment. Recommendation 4: Reforms are required to release funds for genetic research. Recommendation 5: An official campaign needs to be launched on national level to promote investigation of genetic diseases in the rural areas. Recommendation 6: Laws should be formed in order to enhance the safety and maintenance of secrecy of the patients’ predisposition to genetic diseases. ...
2 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Purpose and audience Study of genetics has played an important role in the transformation of the Australian health care industry for the better. Study of genetics has enabled patients to take care of their health based on their knowledge of the genetic traits. This report discusses the historic effect of the study of genetic predisposition to diseases and ways to increase its positive effects and decrease the negative outcomes for the Australian people. The information will specially be conveyed to the Australian Minister for Health and Ageing, Hon Nicola Roxon MP. The paper will compile results of the past research about the area-wise division of the genetic study and its clinical implications. The paper tends to draw implications for future based on the past research and trends in different countries of the world. The paper will particularly find the extent to which genetic research and practice prevails in Australia and ways to further both of them. 1.2 Scope There has occurred a lot of technological advancement since the onset of the 21st century. The word “genetics” is used to refer to the study and effects of single genes. Genomics, on the other hand refers to the study of the way different genes interact with each other as well as with such environmental factors as nutrition and medication (Engstrom et al. 2005). The scope of this research report is limited to the exploration of positive and negative effects of making the people aware of their genetic predisposition to diseases. The information will be particularly useful for the healthcare minister of Australia in making informed decision for making laws and providing resources for the hospitals to do genetic tests within the limits imposed by laws. 1.3 Background The Human Genome ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Genetic Analytical Report ) exmamine the postive &negative effects of Essay. Retrieved from
((Genetic Analytical Report ) Exmamine the Postive &Negative Effects of Essay)
(Genetic Analytical Report ) Exmamine the Postive &Negative Effects of Essay.
“(Genetic Analytical Report ) Exmamine the Postive &Negative Effects of Essay”, n.d.
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Genetic Analytical Report. exmamine the postive & negative effects of providing patrents with information

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