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Business Strategy in a Global Environment - Essay Example

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Table of Contents 1. STRATEGIC CHOICE 2 2. STRATEGIC OPTIONS TO DEVELOP COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 3 2.1. Competitive Advantage 4 2.2. Corporate Strategy for TNT Express 5 2.3. Business-Level Strategy for TNT Express 5 3. STRATEGIC OPTION RECOMMENDATION 7 4. STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES 9 4.1…
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Business Strategy in a Global Environment
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Extract of sample "Business Strategy in a Global Environment"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose of developing these strategic options is to identify feasible options available to the organisation for future. Since all identified alternative cannot be implemented, this does not mean that only implemented alternative are best; instead it is matter of adopting alternative that is most feasible to implement. SO STRATEGIES WO STRATEGIES 1- (S2, S3, 02)- Expand in untapped areas and leveraging the human expertise and other expertise to perform developed from global existence. 2- (S1,O1, O2)- Strengthen and emphasis market position with improved customer services and marketing. 3- (S4, 03)- Increase delivery efficiency 1- (W2, O1)- Develop alliance with other service provider to reduce cost of physical transfer. 2- (W3, O3)- Install software that reduces communication gap. 3- (W1, O1, O2)- Reduce cost impact by expanding destinations gaining advantage of economies of scale. ST STRATEGIES WT STRATEGIES 1- (S1, T1) – Strengthen company position and develop barrier for new entrants. 2- (S2, S4 and T2)- Increase efficiency in operation to reduce cost 3- (S3, O3)- Increase sales in different countries to off-set the disadvantage of climatic change in certain destinations 1- (W1, T3)- Install services that ensure delivery in climatic hit regions. 2- (W3, T1) – Enhance the integration in services to increases efficiency; making it costly for new competitor to compete. 2. STRATEGIC OPTIONS TO DEVELOP COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Strategies developed in TWOS matrix especially ST, WT, WO are generally pursuit to get in situation to implement SO strategies; though not always the case (Barney & Hesterly, 2008). Although all strategies are developed in similar direction to enhance TNT Express position and efficiency; however, following five have been selected as five most feasible strategies: Strategy 1- As already expanded in large number of countries; TNT Express is well aware of the factors that must be adhered to before launching the services. Prior to launch homework capability of the TNT Express would enable it to predict the possible obstacles and hence, ensure the successful establishment. Moreover, it would also increase sales in hometown for the fact of diverse population landing in UK as immigrants. However, selection of newer destination is a crucial question to address apart from general market analysis perspective. It is important to several factors such as distance from already existent location; identifying economies of scale benefit etc. Strategy 2-Importance of strengthening company position among customers needs no advocacy. An important role this strategy would play is to increase awareness about the wide network of services of TNT Express among the existing and potential customers. It would also serve as muscle pulling to potential competitors planning to land in with delivery services. Strategy 3- Many international brands are available worldwide; hence; despite incurring physical transfer firm shall develop alliance with different organisations and brands in order to facilitate the worldwide delivery operations without physical transfer. Moreover, for the documentations’ transfer firm can develop alliance with embassies to endorse documents based on certain service numbers from TNT Service. This will increase efficiency contributing to objective of reducing carbon emission. Strategy 4- Mechanism developed in strategy 3 would also lend support for this strategy; hence, the transfer (of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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