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Designer babies should not be legalized - Research Paper Example

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Designer babies becomes majorly based on the concept of one selecting traits that one wishes for his or her child to have. Literally, it implies selection of certain features that a parent wishes his or her child to have before preconception (Satoshi 90)…
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Designer babies should not be legalized
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Extract of sample "Designer babies should not be legalized"

Download file to see previous pages Literally, it implies selection of certain features that a parent wishes his or her child to have before preconception (Satoshi 90). The concept of selecting a given trait for a child originated from a technology known as preimplantation genetic diagnosis or PGD. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis remains as a technique employed on embryos got in In vitro Fertilization for screening for genetic diseases (Blazer 56). The technique commonly tests for genetic abnormality in embryos. Based on the results got from this screening test, parents often can be able to choose non-genetically diseased embryos to be implanted in the mother (Sean, Lyn & Tessa 80). In as much as medically the technology seems as advancement, the issue remains on its legality and whether it can be ethically accepted in the society (Sara 83). A number of ethicists often remain wondering on the given future of the technology. A war between conservatist and scientists has constantly been ongoing for centuries. In as much as scientists believe that the designer babies technology remains as a major step in the field of genetic engineering, quite a number of controversies and oppositions have arose because of that technology. Therefore, choosing the features of one’s own child should not be legalized due to a number of ethical issues revolving around it. In as much as the issue of designer babies seems to be a technological advancement in the world that could solve a number of problems that mankind has, but if people thought for a moment whether to legalize it or not, many would opt not to legalize it. A number of ethical issues have arisen over the past few years regarding the issue of designer babies in the society thereby leading to many people refusing the idea of legalizing the practice. The ethical issue behind not legalizing the practice of designer babies majorly falls on the use of its technologies, political, social and religious view. Parents being able to choose salient features for their children prenatally should not be legally accepted due to technological issues such as preimplantation genetic diagnosis and cloning used in the process of making designer babies (Zahedi & Bargher 88). There are often two types of moral or ethical questions that often get asked regarding designer babies (Sean 34). Often, the first question involves the specific technologies used in selecting or modifying the baby’s genetic makeup. Furthermore, the second question often focuses on the given idea of creating a designer baby (Sonia 55). For any medical technology introduced with a given aim, ethics and safety always play a key role in its enactment. Technological enhancements that prove to be detrimental to the lives of human beings often become not approved and therefore not legally acceptable. Genetically modified technology commonly began in animals like mice and plants and has been tested less on humans. In accordance to Wellman, he describes the method and technique of making such designer babies as straightforward while at the same time talks about it raising concerns on safety (34).Making of a designer baby sometimes begins with the creation of a given embryo via in vitro fertilizayion. It is then genetic engineers that then modify the given embryo’s DNA before introducing it in the womb (Joseph 33). In as much as technology often comes with dazzling procedure and expectation of perfect health, the main thing here is, are they safe being used on humans (Sonia 25). Some technological usage often employ humans as test subjects and try to oversee what will be the aftermath of their experiments (Sonia 15). Medically, they have been cases of experiments being conducted on humans ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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