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The Effect of Article on the Economy Toulouse - Dissertation Example

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Toulouse has turned out to be a one of the center of spaceflight and aviation t in the past 20 years. In addition to 35,000 city dwellers 400,000 people from other part of the globe work in space industries or civil aviation; EADS/ Airbus is one of the largest employers in the area. …
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The Effect of Article on the Economy Toulouse
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Extract of sample "The Effect of Article on the Economy Toulouse"

Download file to see previous pages Toulouse, the capital city of the region of Midi-Pyrénées in France, is situated on the Garonne River side, in a plain midway between the Atlantic sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It is at present the fourth biggest city in France. Its international airport is just an hour away from Madrid, a one hour away from Paris and almost one hour and twenty minutes away from London. Airbus has done its best in increasing worldwide marketplace share for airplanes “Aviation industry is an essential part of the Toulouse economy (Toulouse is the home city of Airbus Industries) but is by no means the only high tech industry located there. The city has become Europe's leading space centre with CNES (French Space Agency), Matra Marconi Space, Alcatel Space Industry and Spot Image among others, all with their head offices around Toulouse” (13th Annual Computer Security Incident Handling Conference 2001).
Toulouse has turned out to be a one of the center of spaceflight and aviation t in the past 20 years. In addition to 35,000 city dwellers 400,000 people from other part of the globe work in space industries or civil aviation; EADS/ Airbus is one of the largest employers in the area. This particular metropolis has remained comparatively unchanged in spite of the economic boom. Airbus provides tours with excellent services and facilities; and the tour for about 60 minutes consists of a guide who inform the background of the corporation; the screening of a historical / promotional video, and one can also observe the A380 production line. Airbus played a leading function in guaranteeing the sector elaborate communication and a common position on its various environmental impacts, on the foundation of scientific proof, and on the social and economic advantages it generates. The aim of the study is to identify how airbus has affected the economy of Toulouse since its inception in 1970. Due to the economic effect the industry has brought on Toulouse, this particular city has grown. The main reason for the city having grown is the a result of the aerospace industry, which has had a direct effect on the city of Airbus. Background of the Study: Airbus is a one of the leading aircraft and its producers have clients who focus on profitable know-how, technical leadership, and manufacturing competence which have added to its accomplishments in the industry. It was launched in 1970 as a European grouping of German, French, and later, UK, and Spanish business establishments. Air transport facility plays a key function in the economic growth and social development by addressing the rising demand for worldwide mobility. The advantages of air travel facility are becoming more available, more affordable and more significant to citizens from every economic environment and from every part of the world. The production of airbus is a clever move on the part of the top ranking Europe nations, to complete with the operations of the US Being. Airbus is a configuration of smaller organizations combined into one large unit. The states that are the main players in Airbus are United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Spain. In recent times, airbus has done very well in increasing worldwide marketplace share for airplanes. Airbus is repeatedly trying to increase its market share by trying to reach out to new emerging marketplaces. These new marketplaces like India and China will play a big position in the future for airbus and boeing. Main industries of Toulouse are electronics, aeronautics, biotechnology, and space and information technology. Toulouse hosts the head office of the Airbus and assembly-lines of various airbuses such as A380, A340, A330 and A320. The others (A380, A32, A319 and A318’s interior furnishing) are in the state of Germany, Hamburg. Airbus intends to reposition Toulouse A 320’s bind assembling location to Hamburg, with A350 and A380 manufacture going in the opposite way, as a division of its Power8 Organization Plan initiated by its ex-CEO Christian Streiff. With the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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