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Science and Society Questions - Essay Example

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Science and Society Question 1a The exceedingly advancement of science in invention and innovation led to the invention of atomic bombs in the 20th century. The discovery of the nuclear age marked the beginning and end of history. The World War II saw the launching of atomic bombs to destroy the Japanese and German Empire, and to cripple UK and France’s global influence, in order to keep the US and USSR in power…
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Science and Society Questions
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Download file to see previous pages Though, many US scientists were against the launching of the nuclear weapons, the attacks still went on spearheaded by the government. This gives a dilemma as to whether the responsibility of controlling the nuclear weapons relies on the scientists or the community (Andreis and calogero 76). The only instance when atomic bombs were used was in Nagasaki. During this incidence, many lives were lost and so many people deformed. Science is supposed to protect and advance human knowledge, but not to end or reduce human race. Controlling nuclear weapons’ use should be the responsibility of scientists, as they know the damage the weapons can cause to mankind and the environment (Krieger 6). Eistein, a German exile scientist who gave President Franklin Roosevelt the idea of using atomic bombs later on, regretted and wished he had launched a watch for the nuclear weapons. It is clear that the scientists cannot control the use of nuclear weapons, as the governments of many countries are in control, and that is why the US government went ahead and attacked Japan, even when some scientists did not approve of the step (Andreis and Calogero 6). Controlling the use of nuclear weapons should be collective responsibility, undertaken by the scientists, the community and the government. This is the only way to ensure that, scientists get to do their work of invention and innovation, and that the government and the community do not interfere with the scientific work or discredit the work done by the scientists (Weeramantry 227). Russell Eistein believed that, scientists should participate in the control of nuclear weapons’ use because; scientific work aims at creating a paradise for people to live in, and if they do not control the use of nuclear, they will be creating universal death instead (Weeramanrty 228). The international law affirms the responsibility of scientists and the community in controlling the use of nuclear weapons, by making it a crime against humanity to produce, use, possesses, test or even deploy nuclear weapons. This shows that, it is not only the scientists who should prevent the use of nuclear weapons, but also the community. As much as science should be allowed to take its course, research and invention of harmful and dangerous substances like nuclear weapons should not be given room to thrive. This is evidenced by the damage done to Japan by the nuclear weapons. Question 1b It is true that, technology plays a major role in polluting the environment and causing climatic change. This is, however, not the only contributor as other factors like natural phenomena and man’s activities also do contribute to climatic change and pollution (NASA 3). I disagree with the statement that technology is ultimately responsible for the current pollution problem and climatic change, and so the control of technology should rest with the scientists. This is because, technology is not the only contributor to pollution, and hence should not bear the responsibility of controlling technology alone (NASA 4). The outputs of technology like motor vehicles, industrialization, factories and chemicals have immensely contributed to pollution and hence, climate change. This is in collaboration with the natural factors like eruption of harmful gases, natural minerals and volcanic eruptions, together with man’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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