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Stem Cell Legislation - Research Paper Example

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Stem Cell Research Legislation Institution Date Abstract Health care and general well being are the greatest of all issues that disrupt life of human beings. Today, scientists and health care professionals are conducting various researches into the treatment of different tormenting diseases…
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Stem Cell Research Legislation
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Extract of sample "Stem Cell Legislation"

Download file to see previous pages Finally, this paper will close down with an explicit conclusion that regards the stem cell research. Introduction Stem cells refer to certain unspecialized cells found in multi-cellular organisms that have the potential of dividing and differentiating into specialized cells when subjected under particular physiological conditions. Stem cells are divided into two different groups depending on the manner through which each type is obtained. The first grouping is the adult stem cells that involve cells extracted from the body of an adult human being and that are able to divide and differentiate in order to regenerate tissues resembling the original extraction point. Adult stem cells are commonly present in the skin, liver, bone marrows and brain. Jayachandran (2005) confirms that adult stem cells are held responsible for every repair that occurs on a damaged. Another division of the stem cell is the embryonic stem cells that are obtained from a maturing embryo. The embryonic stem cells have great potential of treating degenerative diseases like diabetes, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson disease, and Alzheimer’s disease among others. ...
erent Countries With regard to the burning controversies that surround the human embryonic stem cells research, many advanced countries have standing laws that either prohibit or condone the research, in order to protect the researchers from possible assaults and rejection within their societies. In that aspect, countries like China, Korea, Australia, UK and Switzerland made basic laws contemplated to encourage research in this field (Schechter, 2010). Meanwhile, other countries, including USA, had very strict legislations that stood to contradict the stem cell research, stands that have loosened with time. The USA portrays a good example of country that has undergone series of changes in legislations governing stem cell research within its borders. In1996, a bill named Dickey Amendment was endorsed into law by the Congress. The bill sought for prohibition of the DHHS and the NIH from sponsoring practices involving formation or deformation of human embryo for the sake of research. Notwithstanding, Dickey Amendment failed to address the use of private money in funding the research process on stem cells. When a successful isolation of human embryonic stem cell was achieved in 1998, DHHS interpreted the bill in favor of federal funding on the stem cell research, but proposal faced opposition from the critics of embryonic stem cell research. Schechter (2010) reports that on assuming office in 2001, President George Bush provided that the federal funding would be availed for research on already created stem cell lines. Moreover, President Bush used the powers bestowed in his office to reject the amendments that required the government to remove strict restriction of federal funding on research activities involving stem cells. The year 2009 marked a historic turning point in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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