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Thesis proposal about antibiotic resistance pathogens in fomities - Dissertation Example

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In modern time the extensive use of antibiotics in treatment of bacterial infections has led to some organisms developing resistance to some antibiotic. Antibiotic resistance can be defined as a form of drug resistance in which the targeted microorganisms can resist exposure to the same drug (Hawkey, 3)…
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Thesis proposal about antibiotic resistance pathogens in fomities
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Extract of sample "Thesis proposal about antibiotic resistance pathogens in fomities"

Download file to see previous pages Few pathogens exhibit resistance to antibiotics. Genes that confer resistance to drugs can however be transferred between microorganisms (Hawkey and Jones, 7). This transfer can occur through three different ways namely; transformation, transduction or by conjugation. This transfer makes many bacteria to develop resistance. Antibiotic resistance can, therefore, occur naturally. In this natural occurrence, the causative gene becomes shared between organisms in close proximity of one another (Birgit Strommenger, 3). In such occurrence, the bacteria cannot be exposed to treatment. Exposure to antibiotics at this stage can cause evolutionary stress which leads to the development of the resistant trait. Plasmids can be defined as DNA molecules separate from the chromosomal DNA with the ability to replicate on their own (Abad and R M Pintó, 65). Most antibiotic resistant genes reside within these plasmids. The ability of plasmids to replicate independently makes it extremely difficult to kill the microorganisms residing in them. Some organisms possess several resistant genes. Multidrug resistant is the formal name given to such organisms. Informally, they can be referred as superbugs.
Executive summary
This is a research based proposal which seeks to explore into the area of antibiotic resistance by commonly found infectious bacteria. ...
The factors which aid the pathogens in the spread have also been put into consideration within this proposal. Introduction The extensive use of antibiotics in modern day medical treatments has brought about many challenges into the field of medicine. Several microorganisms when exposed to these drugs develop resistance to the drug. This in turn translates to a difficult dilemma to medical practitioners. The only way to treat these infections is through exposing them to drugs. This exposure, however, makes them develop resistance to the same drugs (Hawkey, 4). This proposal explores the various pathogens which have developed this trait. The role of these pathogens in Hospital Acquired Infection and the transmission routes for the pathogens are also evaluated. Causes of antibiotic resistance Numerous reasons have been cited for the widespread resistance to antibiotics in modern medicine. The extensive use of antibiotic in modern medicine has been one of the major contributors to this emerging trend. Overreliance on antibiotic has been a leading factor to the development of multidrug resistance among pathogens (Hawkey and Jones, 7). The multidrug resistant pathogens have also become prevalent between many bacterial species which did not previously exhibit these characteristics. This can be attributed to the ability of certain bacteria to transfer the resistant gene to others. The misuse and overuse of antibiotics by both doctors and patients alike has been quoted as the major cause of drug resistance. Other factors have been the addition of antibiotics into animal feeds, and fraudulent practices among the manufacturers within the pharmaceutical industry. There is a need for the individuals ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Thesis proposal about antibiotic resistance pathogens in fomities" is quite popular among the tasks in college. Still, this paper opens a new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the idea for my own essay.

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