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Biography of Thomas Edward Lawrence - Research Paper Example

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The paper gives detailed information about the track of Thomas Edward Lawrence, known as "Lawrence of Arabia". He gained popularity as a military icon thanks to his participation in World War I and as an explorer of the Arabic culture. The author narrates about him as a legend of the 20th century.
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Biography of Thomas Edward Lawrence
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Extract of sample "Biography of Thomas Edward Lawrence"

Download file to see previous pages World War I totally changed the course of history and life for Thomas Edward Lawrence in every way.  He got appointed as a lieutenant in the British army and in 1915 became a part of the Military Intelligence Department in Cairo. In 1916, he was promoted to post of captain but found the office work boring. His dream was to assist Arabs against their Turkish enemies. It came true through his very first secret mission to arrange an escape for Maj. Gen. Townsend and his men captured by Turkish. After its completion, he wrote impressive reports on Arabs nationalism that made his superiors to send him to another mission (Browne n.p.) - a mission to assist Arabs.
He got appointed as a liaison officer to Prince Faisal and assists him and his army in every way to fight back the Ottoman armies and conquer the Madina and other important cities of Arabia. The situation of the Arabs, known as Bedouins was quite depressing. They had no sense of discipline and were always ready to start fighting without making a proper planning. On the other hand, their head, Feisal was a cool tempered and patient leader who knew all the necessary skills and tactics (Browne n.p.). Since he needed someone to assist him in managing the Bedouins army, so Lawrence did so in every possible way. He, using his skilled guerilla tactics, designed strategies that impressed the Arabs.
After that, a sequence of triumphs started emerging under Lawrence’s leadership and Arab’s army. They together captured the coastal town of Wejh and intended to conquer beyond Syria, Madina, and Damascus. Lawrence’s goal was to positively involve the Arabs through their terrain knowledge and courage and strike at the Turkish supplies center i.e. the Hejaz Railway by conquering Red Sea port of Aqaba. He tactfully consulted several Arab’s tribal heads to assist them in doing so and got their approval. Through then a continual progress of conquering Syria, Aqaba and finally Damascus, he finally achieved the goal of attaining a free land for Arabs. From that moment, he was called by the Arabs “Urens” i.e. “Lawrence” (Browne n.p.). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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