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The Process for the Coronation of Charlemagne: the Motive of Acquiring the Crown - Literature review Example

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From the above analysis of Byzantine’s reactions to the coronation of Charlemagne, it is clear they exhibited varied reactions ranging from aggressive to silent reactions. Сoronation of Charlemagne was not viewed as a usurpation by the Franks or Italians, it was viewed so by the Byzantines…
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The Process for the Coronation of Charlemagne: the Motive of Acquiring the Crown
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Download file to see previous pages The process for the coronation of Charlemagne was initiated by Pope Leo III. That is, in 799, Pope Leo III was badly treated by the Romans, as they tried to gouge his eyes and also wanted to cut his tongue. So, facing persecution, Leo escaped and reached Paderborn in Franks, asking Charlemagne to help and restore him to Rome. Charlemagne, on the advice Alcuin of York, gave the consent to visit Rome, and Leo for his part swore an oath of innocence to Charlemagne. So, on Christmas Day, A.D. 800, Charlemagne was in Saint Peter's at Rome, to investigate the rebellion against the Pope and restore him. He entered the shrine without his insignia and when he knelt down at the altar to pray at the Lord, Leo III suddenly placed the crown on Charlemagne’s head, thereby hailing him as the Imperator Romanorum or Emperor of the Romans. “Bareheaded and without insignia, as was normal for a royal pilgrim, he prayed at the shrine of Saint Peter. When he arose, Leo - apparently unexpectedly - placed a crown on his head; the Roman congregation acclaimed him as an "Augustus," (Brown 435). Apart from placing the crown, Pope Leo III fell at Charles’ feet as a form of respect. This is in total contravention to the earlier followed practice of honouring only the rulers of Byzantine as the Emperor of Romans. As pointed out by Brown (435), Leo "adored" him by throwing himself at Charles' feet, as he would have done to his former lords, the East Roman emperor. By doing so, Pope Leo III wanted to transfer the office of Roman Emperor from Constantinople (Byzantine’s capital) to Aachen (Franks’ capital). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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