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On November 21, 1747, Leopold Mozart married a woman from Salzburg Anna Maria Pertl. If to look at their relations in later years he made a nice choice. Really, Anna Maria's realistic and good sense of humor supplemented her husband's force and ambition. There is no doubt that they were totally devoted to one another.
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Musical influence of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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Download file to see previous pages In May 1750 another girl was born, and again died young, this time at eleven weeks." 1
That time Leopold was organizing the publication of his musical instruction dissertation Violinschule together with Johann Jakob Lotter, a friend and printer in his home town of Augsburg. He wrote about the good event to Lotter in a letter of February 9: ". . . I must inform [you] that on 27 January, at 8 p.m., my dear wife was happily delivered of a boy; but the placenta had to be removed. She was therefore astonishingly weak. Now, however (God be praised) both child and mother are well. She sends her regards to you both. The boy is called Joannes Chrisostomos, Wolfgang, Gotlieb."
There is not very much information about Wolfgang's very early life available. Almost certainly, his father focused on his court career and on giving lessons. Surely he taught Maria Anna, who was called Nannerl in the family. When she was seven, Leopold started teaching her to play the clavier -- and quickly discovered to his real pleasure that she had a talent for music. He continued to teach her, attracting her with a number of exercises that he created for her in a notebook that he called Pour le clavecin, ce Livre appartient Mademoiselle Marie-Anne Mozartin 1759.
The boy's inquisitiveness was fired up as well. ...
He continued to teach her, attracting her with a number of exercises that he created for her in a notebook that he called Pour le clavecin, ce Livre appartient Mademoiselle Marie-Anne Mozartin 1759.
The boy's inquisitiveness was fired up as well. Nannerl later recollected that the three-year-old Wolfgang "often spent much time at the clavier, picking out thirds, which he was always striking, and his pleasure showed that it sounded good."
Identifying his children's' unique talents, Leopold started devoting additional effort to their education -- with the stress on musical teaching. He became a devoted, but demanding, taskmaster. A bit later, he rather remorsefully told the correspondent how from a very early age his children "had learned to wear the "iron shirt" of discipline". His daughter and son themselves possibly never realized that they can have different life. Wolfgang, without a doubt, liked the extra attention and studied with pleasure with his father. It was the beginning of relations that he "would never quite break free of", and the start of occupation that would devour him altogether.
So, Mozart showed musical talent when he was still very young, composing at five years old and at six playing before the Bavarian elector and the Austrian empress. His father felt that it was appropriate, and might also be gainful, to show his children's God-given talent: so in mid-1763 he took his children on a tour to visit Paris and London, visiting many courts on the way. Mozart surprised people with his bright skills when he played to the French and English audience, published his first music and created his earliest symphonies. The family came ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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