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The Roles of 3 Key Participants in the Property Development Process In Australia - Report Example

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This paper "The Roles of 3 Key Participants in the Property Development Process In Australia" discusses the roles of the three key players, namely the Architect, the Property Developer, and the Town Planner in influencing the issues and principles for strategic implementation. …
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The Roles of 3 Key Participants in the Property Development Process In Australia
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Extract of sample "The Roles of 3 Key Participants in the Property Development Process In Australia"

Download file to see previous pages Security is of primary concern to people living in new small townships that are mushrooming all over Australia under the impact of rapid urbanization and high-density population. While architects are seen taking a proactive role in property development, others are cutting across traditional routines and creating a new role for themselves as designer-developers.

Architects, property developers, and town planners here in Australia see the true picture of the international partnership developed between these three key players in property development abroad and are now trying to implement them here. Despite differences, these players are working in unison to create world-class infrastructures.
“The economic and demographic opportunities arising from the demand for better and competitive infrastructures have driven developers and architects to forge an alliance that has shown tremendous success in places like Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Montreal, New York, and Tokyo. As architects and property developers break boundaries together, they are also beginning to transcend an established pattern of notorious and longstanding ill will. Property development has to be market-driven and certainly not product-driven. The architect can creatively add great value to the developers' commercial objectives by design. By working in tandem, an architect can achieve his architectural agenda at the same time.” (Property Development and Progressive Architecture - The New Alliance,, referred on 4.27.2006)1
This paper sets out to differentiate and highlight the similarities of the role, objective, priorities, and attitude held by Developers, Architects, and Statutory Environmental/Town Planners in respect to Property Development Process.
“Developers convert undeveloped, under-developed land, or existing buildings to satisfy market demands, using their entrepreneurial skills. Like all other entrepreneurs, developers expect, rightfully, to receive an appropriate rate of remuneration for their skill and risk involved in the particular development work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Roles of 3 Key Participants in the Property Development Process In Report.
(The Roles of 3 Key Participants in the Property Development Process In Report)
The Roles of 3 Key Participants in the Property Development Process In Report.
“The Roles of 3 Key Participants in the Property Development Process In Report”.
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