The Romanesque churches And Gothic Cathedrals Period - Essay Example

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The essay "The Romanesque churches And Gothic Cathedrals Period" compares Between The Romanesque churches And Gothic Cathedrals Period. The first style was Romanesque, which came into light in the seventh century and spread to the other parts of Europe…
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The Romanesque churches And Gothic Cathedrals Period
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"The Romanesque churches And Gothic Cathedrals Period"

Download file to see previous pages In spite of the Gothic period coming after the Romanesque period, the two periods, however did not use similar elements in their architectural designs. The main ideology following the Romanesque churches and Gothic cathedral were the ideologies which were used in their construction. The age during the period was known as the middle ages and was synonymous with poverty. Due to the change in the way of life between these two periods, the architecture adopted also shared a number of similarities and differences. The ideology used in the construction of Romanesque architecture was based on centered on protection. An example is that during the period, monasteries served as shelters for relics and saints, hence the practices of the two groups serving as a basic purpose in the construction of different structures. On the contrary, architectural constructions adopted by the Gothic were big churches known as cathedrals. These buildings were designed with towers. The ideology behind such a design was to make the people believe further in a presence of an almighty being who were placed upwards towards divinity. The cathedral designed during the Gothic period was meant to symbolize the faith and dedication of the people towards their religion. Lastly, the spirituality practiced by individuals during the Gothic period was stronger as compared to individuals living during the Romanesque.The ideal majorly practiced during the middle ages period was one that was centered on classical background. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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