Notre Dame Cathedral as the Heart of the City in Paris - Essay Example

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Built in the 12th century A.D., the structure greatly belongs to the Gothic architectural tradition. The pointed arch is very prominent in Gothic architecture, which Notre Dame Cathedral has. At the west front of Notre Dame are entrance doors with visible pointed arch…
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Notre Dame Cathedral as the Heart of the City in Paris
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Notre Dame Cathedral as the Heart of the in Paris Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, is an exemplary religious structure wherein people from different walks of life occasionally visit. Loosely translated in English as the Church of Our Lady, Notre Dame Cathedral has thirteen million visitors every year (“Notre Dame Cathedral”). Built in the 12th century A.D., the structure greatly belongs to the Gothic architectural tradition. The pointed arch is very prominent in Gothic architecture, which Notre Dame Cathedral has. At the west front of Notre Dame are entrance doors with visible pointed arch.
Considered as a pilgrimage church, Cathedrale Notre-Dame Cathedral is visited by religious Christians from all over the globe. Notre Dame Cathedral is France’s remnant of the medieval period. Devoted Christians who visit the said church are overwhelmed by the beauty, grandeur, and mystery characterized in the architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral. Inside Notre Dame seemingly brings people into a different place and time. The natural light and darkness visible in the interior of Notre Dame creates a sense of a sublime past marked in the medieval Christian era. Perhaps, the reason why people from different continents visit this cathedral is because of its religious aesthetic and history. Seeing Notre Dame is like seeing the house of God here on Earth.
It must be remembered that, in the medieval epoch, the church was the center of the city. In today’s world, the church such as the Notre Dame Cathedral occupies a special place in the urban landscape. People visit the cathedral probably in their time of a spiritual journey or crisis. As a Christian, pilgrimage to an ancient church is a duty both to his faith and to himself. Notre Dame Cathedral provides the venue for people to reflect the meaning of life and existence in this world.
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