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Tourism industry contributes to the economy of the country. The government and other stakeholders invest their time and resources in order to make tourism industry attractive. …
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The Alhambra
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"The Alhambra"

Architectural designs are some of the tourist attractions, which contribute to the tourism industry. Early architectural designs have unique features that attract the attention of tourists. This paper explores the impact of urban heritage tourism to the economy with a special look at Granada and Alhambra.
Cultural heritage of the Alhambra and Granada has an influence to the economy of the two cities. Tourism industry in the two cities boosts the economy of the nation. Trade that result from tourism industry is key to growth of the two towns. Many traders engage in exchange of goods and services because of the tourism industry in these towns . The revenue collected from trade helps in developing the economy of the nation. The demand of products by the tourists has led to growth of industries that supply products and services to the tourists. This has promoted the economy Alhambra and Granada because the money generated from the tourism industry helps in building these cities. Tourism contributes employment opportunity of many people who reside in Alhambra and Granada. These people use the resources they earn from their employment in the tourism industry to improve their leaving thereby boosting the economy of the region. Employment is vital to growth because human beings depend on employment to earn a living. The dependants of these employees lead a positive life because they are able to meet their living expenses . 2. Another economic impact of tourism is the growth of the town. Many land developers are busy building houses for shelter and businesses thereby expanding the growth of these towns. Architectural industry has been influenced by the tourism industry because of many structures or buildings that real estate developers want to put up following the influx of tourism activities in the area. Developing buildings in the regions promote the potentiality of the region to host more trading activities. The agricultural industry of these two cities has been influenced by the tourism in the region. The growing numbers of people in these two towns require food to eat. The demand for the agricultural products has led to the growth in the agricultural sector thereby creating employment and income for the residents of these two cities. The money earned in these sectors influence the economy of the cities because economic growth of a country depends on the rate of exchange of finance. The economic power that these cities enjoy relies on the contribution of tourism3. Meeting the needs of the people require funds which the government has been able to get from tourism sector. The preservation of the parks in the region has opened avenues of collecting revenues from the visiting tourist. Tourism in Granada led economic distortion because of the overdependence. When the hurricane destroyed Grenada in 2004, the economy of the city flopped due to overreliance. Sometimes it is quite dangerous to rely on one sector of economy. When the sector fails, many people suffer economic distortion. It is wise to take measures that would control economic distortion. Largely, the impact of tourism is felt during low seasons when a few tourists are able to visit the region. This hampers trade and agriculture in the region. Sometimes workers are laid off because the cost of employing them has gone too high. Architectural designs in Alhambra are unique since the natives feel that the design were for their colonial masters. The designs have thus remained as tourist attraction scenes because of their uniqueness in the region. Islamic architectural design influenced building in Alhambra in the ancient times. These structures have remained as attraction sites for the tourist who come to visit the Read More
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The Alhambra Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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