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Name Institution Course Instructor Date North American Archaeology – Mesoamerica Introduction David Hurst Thomas was the main curator of North American Archaeology, which was in the division of Anthropology. He did his work concerning archaeology at the museum of National History and Adjunct Professor in one of the prominent universities known as Columbia University and University of New York…
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North American Archaeology- Mesoamerica
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"North American Archaeology- Mesoamerica"

Recently he explored the main implications of the new paleoenvironmental evidence, which suggested that two principal droughts that struck the Western area of U.S in millennium. Mesoamerica is a geographical and cultural area extending from central Mexico down through Central America. In this essay, information concerning the archaeological sector in North America and the contact between North America and Mesoamerica will be given. Mesoamerica has several prehistoric sites characterized by agricultural villages and ceremonial and politico-religious capitals. The cultural sector includes some of the complex and advanced cultures of the Americans (Joyce 10). The human occupation history in Mesoamerica is divided in to a number of stages or periods. The stages have a slight variation depending on the religion. They are Paleo-Indian, the Archaic, the classic, and the Post classic. By mentioning the North American Archaeology, the investigators usually mean the different native cultures of the United States and Canada respectively. Mexico being geographically included in North America is recognized as Mesoamerica’s culture area. The region bordering the United States and Mexico did not exist before. ...
There is a lower mountain system known as the Appalachians that u runs along the eastern. Between the two chains, there is a Central Lowland where the North is occupied by the Canadian Shield and the north Arctic territories. The southeastern side is occupied by the coastal plain. There was trade, which took place between the southwest and the Mesoamerica during the late pre-historic period. The trade existed due to the presence of raw materials between the Southwest and the Mesoamerica. An important mineral by the name turquoise, and mined from Cerrillos Hills in the Galisteo Basin, led to trade between Southwest and Mesoamerica (Pauketat 43). Mines were dug mainly to extract the precious ore. They consisted of small cut in to the turquoise veins and dated in the early A.D. 900. Other minerals like lead, malachite, fibrolite, and azurite were historically mined in the same area. Ceramics made from clay deposits and tempering materials can be identified and provide pertinent information concerning the trade activity. From A.D. 1000 to 1175, the Mesoamerica had a low population density, and the people interacted equally with those populations residing in the Chaco Canyon region. They also interacted with Mogollon peoples located further in the south. After A.D. 1175, the local population density increased which led to expansion and intensification of exchanging activities with their surrounding populations (Hall 51). Various types of clay and other tempering materials were used in the manufacture of ceramics that were widely used in the trading activity throughout the Colorado plateau. The exchange network in the region that involved the movement of commodities along north/south lines with limited interaction occurring with the Anasazi located in Read More
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