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Analysis of Nessah Synagogue Community - Term Paper Example

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The author focuses on the popular Nessah Synagogue in California. Located in Beverly Hills, the synagogue is very popular and a significant landmark for the community. It is next to the First Church of Christ, which also has significant religious influence…
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Analysis of Nessah Synagogue Community
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Nessah Synagogue Community"

Download file to see previous pages The synagogue has multiple events based on various traditions and cultures; however, I attended one of the daily prayer services and stayed after for the Nessah Israel Young Professionals fun day. Unlike most of the daily service prayers for different religions that have limited attendance, it came as a surprise to as the synagogue was packed.  Moreover, the NIYP program had multiple facilitators and in this case, it was a fun day focusing on games, testimonials from the alumni, food, and drinks with Jewish Culture as the theme. The Nessah community is very particular about the history and during interactions; I was able to acquire a lot about the synagogue, different programs, and society. It is through Nessah synagogue that migrants from Iran have possessed the capacity to keep their customs alive, while additionally observing American conventions. Nonetheless, adjusting their Iranian Jewish society and American society has been troublesome for youths conceived in the United States. Nessah synagogue is a spot where individuals come to interact with each other through the different programs; however, I could tell that instructing the youth is among the primary objectives given vast attention. Additionally, it also gives a wide range of sorts of projects such as women’s gatherings and care groups. Definitely, Nessah synagogue has a significant influence on religion but I decided to attend the Nessah Israel Young Professionals program because it is very popular in California. A synagogue is a place where Iranian Jews feel alive and in large numbers. Nessah’s timeline traces its services and customs to the Babylonians over 2,500yrs prior. Based on the nature of activities in the synagogue, I deemed participant observation as the most suitable research method. This gave a better glance and understanding of the formalities as compared to the systematic observation that would not have given detailed information for the most crucial parts. During the prayer service, I observed two groups of participants, i.e. the facilitator and those attending the service. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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