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Why would satanism be called magic - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Why Would Satanism be Called Magic” the author connects Magic and Satanism in their application. The satanic practices involve the use of blood sacrifices to uplift the strength of influence to the masses. Magic pursues the same course of action…
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Why would satanism be called magic
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Extract of sample "Why would satanism be called magic"

Download file to see previous pages Satanism controls the world. It is the defining platform for all entertainment sources on Earth. The movie industry is under the satanic forces that help it grow. The satanic forces make use of supernatural powers to influence thinking that leads to liking particular issues and disliking others. It is manipulative in nature. The invoking of satanic influence requires that someone have a special connection with the satanic forces before invoking. For that reason, Satanism only works for those who establish communion with the satanic power proprietors. There will be a desirable outcome if the one was invoking or calling upon the satanic powers to take over their line of duty, has that establishment of a connection to effect the communication. In addition to that, Satanism effectively works with previous connections that were a quality establishment pathways of communication.
The music industry predominantly works under some satanic powers. Most artists who establish their names on the international platform get promotions through satanic influence. The artists use mind-influencing powers to make their fans like their compositions and poems. The Satanism itself requires that someone becomes a slave of their own and that they pay tribute to the sanctity of darkness and give in to the demands of the skin rather that control the dignity of the soul.
Magic is virtually the definition upon which Satanism takes basis. Magic conforms to two types of manifestations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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