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Write an that critically discusses the approach of interpretive anthropology, including what Clifford Geertz refers to as thick description - Essay Example

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Interpretive anthropology denotes the precise method used in ethnographic writing and practice that is interconnected with other viewpoints developed in sociocultural anthropology during the Vietnam war, the colonization movement as well as the Cold War (Klenke, 2008, p. 200)…
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Write an essay that critically discusses the approach of interpretive anthropology, including what Clifford Geertz refers to as thick description
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"Write an that critically discusses the approach of interpretive anthropology, including what Clifford Geertz refers to as thick description"

Download file to see previous pages Geertz proposed that culture is a complicated collection of texts that constitute various meanings, with the meanings being comprehended by the actors and are consequently construed by anthropologists in a manner in which sections of a text are understood by literacy detractors. This is done through integrating into the analysis the contexts of the attendant, which provide the possibility of meaning for all the people involved in the interpreting. Geertz was against the widespread ethnographic practices of observations and instead supported active integration of the anthropologists in an ethnographic context. In this manner, interpretive anthropology considered Malinowski’s claims of disconnected and impartial observation that had been the approach to anthropology up to the sixties and in a remarkable twist returned ethnographic practices to the German epistemological genealogy that had been recognized by Franz Boas. Therefore, in disapproval of the standpoint taken by Malinowski in the way he describe sexual activities among the savages, Geertz suggested Boasian deep involvement in the cultural activity. Even though it is intellectually connected to the anthropology of experience suggested by Victor Turner, cognitive anthropology that was established by Steven Tyler along with symbolic anthropology by David Schneider, interpretive anthropology addressed the intellectual developments outside the context of anthropology that took part in figurations through which local structures if meaning were analyzed anthropologically.
In theory, the school of symbolic and interpretive anthropology postulates that culture cannot exist past individuals; instead, culture is inherent in the interpretations of the occurrences and things around the individual. While referring to symbols and signs that are established socially, people influence their Behavioral patterns while ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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