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Labor migration comprises both physical movement in terms of space and time. Therefore, the process contains both the sending areas, the routes used for migration and…
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Labor Migration
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Download file to see previous pages These are the countries that laborers have selected to work in. There are three different types of labor migration and are dependent on the motivation of immigrants. These are enforced migration, voluntary migration and distress migration. Enforced migration is the kind of migration that is decided and planned by some external powers. An example of enforced migration is a resettlement program that is imposed by a government. Voluntary labor migration is a result of the outcome of decisions made by migrating individuals. It can be migration for purposes of labor or due to marriage. Distress migration is the migration of multitude as a result of deprivation. In this case, a decision for one to migrate is reached as a way of escaping an environment that no longer promises signs of survival. From the above analysis, labor migration is not just an occurrence of the less developed states but is a global phenomenon.
Apart from the above three factors of migration, laborers also migrate for other various factors. There are many pulls and push factors for migration. Such factors can be either economic or non-economic. Change of demography and labor market is examples of pull factors. This is usually experienced in most of the industrialized countries that require numerous workforces. The push factors include; unemployment in less developed states, availability of inter-county networks that are family based and the culture or history of a given society. People always migrate in search of better living standards (Lipton, 2010).). Labor migration has increased in the recent years since the migration procedure has been made easier unlike in the earlier days. The following are some of the main reasons that contribute to the migration of labors.
Quench for better incomes; this is one of the main pull factors of labor migration. People tend to move from the sending country to the receiving country due to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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