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Circumcision Ritual as a Rite of Passage - Essay Example

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In circumcision, a young boy passes from childhood to adulthood. A rite of passage also involves three stages: separation phase, transition phase and reincorporation or introduction into the new world. …
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Circumcision Ritual as a Rite of Passage
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"Circumcision Ritual as a Rite of Passage"

Download file to see previous pages The separation phase in East African circumcision ceremony occurs when young boys of about 12-15 years are picked by young adults from their homes and assembled in the bush (Prazak, 2004). In the bush, the foreskins of their penis are cut off to symbolize the elimination of childhood as one prepares to become an adult. Separation occurs because the boys go away from their home and spend some time in the bushes where they are circumcised and wait to be healed.
The transition phase in this ritual is the time when the boys stay in the bushes as they wait to heal. Within this period, the boys are taught the morals, traditions, values and norms of their communities (Prazak 2004). They are taught to be responsible in the society and to understand the key values of the community. The boys are also treated in this phase with traditional herbs so that they can heal faster. Lastly, the boys sing, dance, and eat throughout this transition period. This phase is transitional period because the activities prepare the boys to move into new world of more responsibility as adults in the society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Rite of Passage marked by transition. The ceremony is accompanied by rituals in which integration into new roles of the social world is marked symbolically by a ring. Hindu marriage Hindus believe that life is sacred thus every step of their life from childhood to adulthood is marked by traditional ceremonies. Their ceremonies performed during the rites of passage are called the samskara. This marks ending point of one stage of life to the other. The ceremonies are normally done at the temple so as to influence people’s souls and direct their life to the path of dharma. Samskara ceremonies provide a clear indication that the transition in question is important. In addition, the ceremony also offers...
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Female Circumcision Maendeleo Ya Wanawake in Kenya have formed female groups which fight against this ritual. Most of the governments in Africa and Kenya to be precise have set rules that ban the practice terming it as child abuse. Most of the governments in Africa have also set tight penalties for societies or communities that engage in this old ritual. It is indeed right for us Westerners to meddle in traditions and practices that have no positive effect on the lives of Africans. Female circumcision is an abusive act that dehumanizes the female gender and must be fought by all members of the world and not westerners only. 5. In my opinion there has never been and there will never be any good reason...
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