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Industrialism is maladaptive - Essay Example

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When the factory manual work turned into large industrial machines work, when the machines replaced human labours, both the human society and the environment faced gigantic changes and entered the industrial era When the factory manual work turned into large industrial machines…
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Industrialism is maladaptive
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"Industrialism is maladaptive"

Download file to see previous pages From my perspective, industrialism is maladaptive because industrialization is a defective adaptation towards the environment, which has flaws and caused unstableness of the environment.
Industrial revolution enabled human society to grow into a larger scale with higher speed, which seemed exciting at the start but indeed harmful to the environment and the society itself. Referring to Rapa Nui’s tragedy, a small group of Polynesian settlers arrived at Easter Island. At the beginning, the population grew slowly. Several hundred years later, the population grew larger than before, and an obsession with building Moai led to increased pressure on the environment of the island. The residences didn’t realize the problems was coming and didn’t make changes. In the end, the Easter Island had been deforested, so people started fighting to each other for the resources that are limited on the island. The wars lead to famine, and eventually cultural collapse. (Terry) Industrialization is exactly the same thing as the Polynesian’s obsession of building Moai: overproducing products while some of them are unnecessary that consume a lot of resources from the environment and eventually damage the world we living in; the Easter Island is the small version of our world: limit land, limit resources that can’t be enough when the population is over its carrying capacity. What Terry found in his started to appear after industrialization when the scale of the world became larger and larger as well as the development speed got higher and higher; therefore, the industrial mode of adaptation has an unstable relationship with the environment. From my perspective, industrialism is maladaptive because industrialization is a defective adaptation towards the environment, which has flaws and caused unstableness of the environment.
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(Industrialism Is Maladaptive Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Industrialism Is Maladaptive Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Industrialism Is Maladaptive Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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