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Final questions for Introduction to Anthropology - Essay Example

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For instance, the blacks have been always discriminated in most of the international functions like games; they have constantly been referred to as monkeys…
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Final essay questions for Introduction to Anthropology
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"Final questions for Introduction to Anthropology"

Download file to see previous pages Basing on many beliefs, for instance, the biblical belief, the practice is seen as against the norms of the societies. Anthropology has tried to enlighten people about such like practices ((Kottak 33).
Child labor and abuse: this is another issue that is on the rise in the developing countries. Children are being overexploited in their life. Child abuse is deadly as it causes those exposed to such conditions being affected directly or indirectly. The role of anthropologists here is to try and come up with ways that could show those doing so that what they are doing is not right.
Violence against women: in most states, women are taken as inferior creatures who have no power to talk against what they don’t want and that what is said by men is always right and every woman should follow it without obligations. In the changing world, women are becoming just like men, to have ideas of much help in the development of the world. This has called for the intervention of anthropology in trying to show the world that when given equal chances like men, they can be productive to the society in one way or the other.
Alienation of Youths. The world is fast to recognize the presence of a great and powerful youth sub-cultures. This, with its own individual behavior and values, is particularly prominent in the cities (Kottak 45).
Suicide: there is a good confirmation to designate that suicide rate has been on the rising in recent years. In most cases, it was elicited by a fall out that the victim had with a spouse, a close relative, or parents over what seemed to be a trifling matter. It seem to be normally a response, both self-pitying and bellicose, to the danger that a close interactive relationship will be ended (Kottak, 60).
In all these issues, anthropology has tried to play a role so as those that are not in line with straight living realize their mistake and change for the developement of the community and the world as a whole.
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