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Once We Were Not - Essay Example

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However, in 1960 there had been a hypothesis that only a single species existed on earth because there was no ecological space for…
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Once We Were Not
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"Once We Were Not"

Download file to see previous pages The author suggests that fossils directs to the fact that most of successful animals shared somewhat similar biological history.
But the homosapiens ability to compete and evolve has made it is single species to exist today in the world. The co – existing of different homosapiens and neanderthalensis have co –existed before but the latter has vanished from earth due to evolution.Homosapiens like Australopith form Australis, Ardipithecusramidus from Ethiopia andAustralopithecus anamensis from Kenya all have existed on earth before millions of years. The author states that these homospaiens have ape like look and were a small brained, big faced bipedal species. The remnants from different part of the world have suggested that these have co –existed and persisted before 2.2 million years. The caves in France were occupied around 11,000 years ago by homosapiens called Cro magons. They were having lineage resemblance to the homosapiens of Africa.
The author claims that Neanderthalensis in Europe were also homosapiens who existed in Europe some 30,000 years ago. They were also homoerectus in Java. The author suggests that “Black Skull” found in Northern Kenya direst that homosapiens existed on earth around 2.5 million years ago. The author points out that many types of Australopith existed millions of years ago. However the longevity of these species was only a few hundred or thousand years. But African continent was home to many types of homosapiens according to author. As per ( Tattersall 1-7)“Nevertheless, even if average species longevity was only a few hundred thousand years, it is clear that from the very beginning the continent of Africa was at least periodically—and most likely continually—host to multiple kinds of hominids”
The author claims that the earlyhomosapiens had a different form rather than newer ones. They shared same landscape and same continent. These hominoids have also reached China ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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