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What is the Sapir-Worf' Hypothesis How does Zizeks joke articulate this idea Can you provide examples from outside sources which also illustrate this idea - Essay Example

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It is the very nature of a school of thought to be showered with support and bombarded with criticism for it to be considered worthy of the label “theory”. And this attribute is perfectly exemplified by the case of Edward Sapir and his student Benjamin Whorf in what the…
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What is the Sapir-Worf Hypothesis How does Zizeks joke articulate this idea Can you provide examples from outside sources which also illustrate this idea
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What is the Sapir-Worf' Hypothesis How does Zizeks joke articulate this idea Can you provide examples from outside sources which also illustrate this idea

Download file to see previous pages... The hypothesis’ seemingly simple characterization of our thought process in relation to culture and vice versa has been meet with various criticisms for the very same reason that it’s simplistic. Researchers developed two main frameworks that are embedded in the concept. These are (1) linguistic determinism and (2) linguistic relativism. These two primary views sparked debates among linguists, academicians and have even spread to other realms such as psychoanalysis and the like.
The first idea espouses that the language you speak determines the way that you will interpret the world. It is essentially considered to be a form of determinism because many, if not all, cognitive processes are directly affected by the extent of language that we know or lack. In this sense, thought is highly dependent upon the kind of language one acquires.
The second framework in Sapir-Whorf’s theory is an extension of the first proposition. But while the first is absolute by virtue of determinism, the second frame of thought takes the stand of relativism; hence called linguistic relativity. This could simple be understood as the ability of people who are speaking differently consequentially sees and interprets the world differently too.
To further illustrate, a renowned joke had been circulated to exemplify the Sapir-Whorf’s theory. The joke goes like this: “A Czech worker is transferred to Siberia. He knows that when he will write letters from Siberia to his friends at home they will be read by the censors and so he tells his friends : "Lets establish a code: if a letter you receive from me is written in normal blue ink, its true; if it is written in red ink, its false." After a month, his friends receive a letter written in blue ink: "Everything is great here in Siberia: the shops are full, there is plenty of food, there are great ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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