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Jung Chang's Wild Swans - Book Report/Review Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Book Review: Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang The book by Jung Chang is a combination of autobiography and history of the generations. It covers the history of three generations starting from the grandmother to the granddaughter…
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Jung Changs Wild Swans
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"Jung Chang's Wild Swans"

Download file to see previous pages The book is written by Jung Chang and it covers the diverse issues that occurred in her life. The introduction part of the book is the biography of the grandmother Yu-fang and the link between poverty and cognitive development is captured in the process indicating the influence of poverty on personal development. Poverty breeds corruption and sycophancy as depicted in the life of Yu-fang. The father colludes and ensures that she becomes a concubine to the high ranking warlord called General Xue Zhi-heng. The main objective of the action is to gain status which was integral for success in the Chinese traditional society. In fact, the move did not lead to freedom, but psychological trauma because she could not even visit her family. The fear of the husband the general led to living a life that was not full. In the house, she was able to enjoy the wealth of the General, but could not get personal freedom or fulfillment. The level of loneliness in the life of Chang’s grandmother exhibited that social status does not guarantee success, but may lead to serious challenge if not addressed as it ought to. In fact, she was deserted for six years, which after a brief conjugal right visit lead to the conception of Chang’s mother. Being a concubine, she did not join the general’s family because of fear. However, when the General became sick, she had no choice but to move into General’s household. ...
The story of Chang’s grandmother is a replica of the challenge faced by women in a society, which values the lives of the rich and not the poor. Such focus in life affects the values as witnessed in the life of Chang’s grandmother (Chang 23). The great grandfather sold her daughter out with the main aim of improving her life. Despite achieving the objective, it is evident that the choice was a crude and complex one because it could have led to serious challenge. The book highlights the plight of the poor by giving both the challenge and the success that can be achieved when the opportunity is utilized. In the case of Chang’s grandmother, the success can be attributed to the love shown by the General. The story is narrated in both complex and defined way with the interest being focused on the depicting of the challenges faced in the process of growth and survival (Chang 48). Before the age of 24, she was already a concubine and the focus was on the slave life, but the fair heart of the general helped seal her fate. The general gave her freedom and allowed her to move on after his death. After the story of the grandmother, Chang shifts attention to the life of his mother named by the general as Bao Qin/De-hong. The desire to overcome challenges and engage in politics led to the involvement in the politics at an early age. In fact, Chang’s mother began working for the Communist party of China and The Red Army controlled by Mao Zedong. From the miscarriage, the turn of heart and the birth of Jung the book focus changes to become an autobiography. The story of the life of Jung is a complex process requiring the understanding of the Cultural Revolution that occurred in China. In the book, Chang describes vividly the challenges faced in the society as a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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