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Exploring another ethnicity: Catholic mass - Assignment Example

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Name Tutor Subject Date Exploring another Ethnicity: The Catholic Mass The Mass is the Holy Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church that is celebrated on every Sunday of the week and during holy days of the year. The Mass is simply the entire church service as the Catholics undertake it (Wuerl and Aquilina 78)…
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Exploring another ethnicity: Catholic mass
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"Exploring another ethnicity: Catholic mass"

Download file to see previous pages These parts are referred to as introductory and closing rites. The mass is the most joyful event among the Catholics because it causes happiness through the interactions that occur throughout the mass service. The introductory rites begin when the priest enters the church hall with the serving ministers and deacons. The choir begins singing the entrance hymn, and the whole congregation joins. The priest performs the Greeting when they have arrived at the sanctuary and reverenced the altar with a bow (Smolarski 22). The priest, serving ministries, deacons and the congregation perform the sign of the Sign of The Cross when the Entrance song has ended. The priest invites the whole congregation to participate in the Act of Penitence; the congregation recites a general formula of confession after a short pause of silence. The priest then performs the Kyrie Eleison, Gloria and Collect; these are simultaneous forms of petition and Thanksgiving prayers. The Liturgy of the Word comprises of the Biblical Readings, the Homily, the Procession of Faith, and the Prayer of The Faithful. The Roman Catholic Church divides the Homily into three parts: the first reading extracted from the Old Testament, the Second reading from the Pauline Epistles and the readings from the Gospel (Michaels 11). Volunteer members of the congregation read the first and the second readings while the priest reads the Gospel. The choir performs a psalm after the first reading and the Gospel Acclamation as the priest prepares for the Gospel reading. The priest performs the Homily after the readings. The Homily constitutes the priest’s commentary on the readings of the day. The Profession of Faith, also known as the Apostle’s Creed is performed after the Homily. The Apostle’s Creed may be performed in the form of a hymn accompanied by musical instruments or said as a creed. The priest launches the Profession of Faith when he says, “We believe in Our God, the Father, and the Almighty” and the congregation recites the remaining thirty-three lines of the creed (Faggioli 101). Volunteer members of the congregation take the platform to offer the Prayer for the Faithful. Few members of the church represent others in offering general prayers over the sick, the whole nation, the church, and people living with all types of problems. The priest finalizes the prayer of the Faithful by saying a prayer to God for the salvation of all people. The Liturgy of the Eucharist is composed preparation for the gifts, the Eucharist Prayer, the Communion rite, the Lord’s Prayer, the Rite of Peace, the Fraction, and Communion. The priest presents to the altar the offerings that symbolize the Body and Blood of Christ. The priest invites believers to pray with him. As the preparation for the gifts ends, the preparation for the Eucharist prayer begins. The serving ministries collect the gifts from the believers, and the choir continues to sing ad these are taken to the altar (Kereszty 67). The Eucharist prayer is the center and high point of the celebration because it is meant for Thanksgiving and sanctification. The priest invites the congregation to lift their hearts to God in prayer and appreciate His great works. The priest performs the Communion Rite when he leads the faithful directly to the Holy Communion. People who have repented their sins are invited to participate in receiving the Holy Communion because they consider ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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