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Anthropology - Movie Review Example

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Avatar’s Anthropological Theme When a paraplegic ex-marine was sent to the Pandora to take over the role of his twin brother, who died in a robbery, Jake Sully was tasked to infiltrate the Na’vi community in order for the humans to obtain that rare type of mineral that is found only in their land…
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Movie review anthropology
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Download file to see previous pages The weapons that the human and humanoid tribes used during their battle distinctly identify their differences. This film by James Cameron demonstrates the two faces of the Earth’s inhabitants. The movie Avatar depicts both the modern and conventional societies that are greedy and selfless, respectively. Each community tries to live up to what the society they live in requires of them, even if it could lead to the demise of a large group of human beings. The movie presents a number of ideas that relate to human social and cultural nature that are very significant in understanding them. People and society are often depicted in movies, and Avatar, although a science-fiction movie, is no different. Having a better life is what every human being desires to have. Man is indeed forced to do something he does not intend to because of this need. At the beginning of the movie, it has been established that Jake, the main character in the movie was obliged to replace his deceased brother since he needed money for the treatment of his leg that was injured when he was on duty in the marine. Like any human being, who does not have the capacity to pay for his own treatment, Jake submitted himself to project Pandora since he contains the genetic make-up of his twin brother necessary to make the avatar intended for him to work. Inasmuch as a person tries to avoid being subjected to a situation he does not like, his financial needs lead him to do so. Every human being has a freedom of choice. This is true. However, the society provides him with very limited choices. Although others may say they only want to live a simple life, this simplicity does not always come easy for everyone. Just as Jake wanted himself to live a normal life, he does not have the necessary amount of money to bring himself to the hospital and get the surgery that his legs needed. The desire of having a better life brought him to submit to the demands of people who could provide him his needs even though he did not exactly like it. How much a human could tolerate other people’s demands was clearly illustrated in the movie when Jake could no longer perform his tasks after being subjected to the Omaticayan tribe. His video logs documents how his perspective has changed about the two different worlds he had been able to experience. Man is unable to see the other side of the world when he is deprived of the chance to see it. No comparison will be made when one does not see any point of comparison. Rich people may think being rich does not gain any advantage from the others when they do not see how poor people live their lives. When Jake was exposed to the life of the Na’vis, he could not help but compare the world he used to live in and the new world he has learned to live in Pandora. The world of humans, with all the advanced sciences and technologies that it offers, is nothing but a “dream” to him. The “real world” is the world with the Omaticaya tribe, deprived of the advanced weaponry and the machines that were brought about by modern science. Although Jake is naturally not a Na’vi, it is with them that he finds the sense of belonging, when he is treated a real human being. This shift in the main character’s perspective is instrumental as this shows that it is normal for human beings to take a turn when ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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