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Kurds - Research Paper Example

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Author`s Name School Name Title Kurds Kurds are people of the Indo-European descent who are now scattered around Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. The origin of this cultural group can be traced back to the Mesopotamian period, which can be traced back to about 8000 years ago…
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Kurds Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages... some of them are nomadic pastoralists while others are settled farmers. However, the majority of the population relies on agriculture as the sole source of subsistence. Thus, if a generalized pattern is to be drawn, agriculture can be considered as a sole source of living. The social organizations can be studied in context to the mode of subsistence, as settlers generally follow the feudal system while the nomads are associated more with the tribal system (Leach, 1940). Similarly, the kinship also relates to the subsistence modes of the Kurds as the system of 12 families relates to the land ownership within a family. Gender relations for the most part being equal also reflect the ownership of an entire family over one piece of land, thus portraying equal rights over the property. Political organization associated with the system of Ashiret is based on the lineage system which is also in turn driven by the mode of subsistence. Thus, more or less, almost all patterns of Kurdish lifestyle are connected with their source of living, reflecting an interesting connection between the survival modes and the cultural patterns of any group. Prior to analyzing any cultural patterns found in the Kurdish population, it is crucial to study the population to understand their historical origins and their lifestyles. Kurds are identified as an ethno-linguistic group living in the mountain range starting from the Euphrates River, extending towards Northern Syria and even Turkey, and further ending near Iran. This entire area where Kurdish population is found in abundance is identified as Kurdistan. Though the Kurds are striving towards the formation of an independent Kurdistan as it is rich with oil reserves and other resources, it has no geographical standing in the world so far. The Kurdish language is an important element of the Kurdish unity – though diverse in nature, it generally relates to the Farsi language in general. About 30-35 Million Kurds can be traced around the globe, with most of them being Sunni Salafi Muslims. However, most of them aren’t fundamentalists and the concept of veil of segregation of women from men isn’t that common. With time, this community is also being modernized to adapt to the changing needs of the time. (McDowall, 1989) As mentioned above, the mode of sustenance in the Kurdish population varies somewhere between the nomads and the settlers. Nomads are usually the pastoralists, while the main mode of sustenance for the settlers is farming. Most of the Kurdish population, however, is comprised of those who are the settled farmers, and the most common crops found in Kurdistan are wheat as well as barley. In addition, other vegetables and crops including peas, rice, lentils, and garden vegetables are also commonly found in Kurdistan. Goats and sheep are the most crucial animals as they are a source of dairy products, wool, and other products. These modes of subsistence are important to be analyzed and understood, as the entire lives of these Kurds revolve around it. Since most of them are farmers, land is an important entity for them. Thus, the patterns of land ownership, in turn, decide who will be the most powerful of all, which further identifies other cultural variables and determinants. (Leach, 1940) Commenting on the social organizations being most dominant in Kurdistan, two patterns can be traced accordingly. The first pattern relates to the nomadic way of life, as they follow the tribal system. Since nomads are historically found ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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