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Classical and Operant Conditioning - Essay Example

For the eating pattern, I realized that I eat too much hamburgers. I want to reduce my hamburger intake from four hamburgers each day to two or none at all, if possible. Hamburgers are full of calories and bad cholesterol and I intend to lessen my calorie and cholesterol intake for the sake of my health. I intend to eat fewer hamburgers by introducing positive and negative reinforcement. Studying watercolor painting demonstrates classical conditioning, because unconditioned responses are frequently reflexive and are preceded by an unconditioned stimulus. The Unconditioned Response is not reading the book, while seeing the book is the Unconditioned Stimulus (US) to not reading the book. In order to improve my response, I decided that the Conditioned Response (CR) is reading a chapter of the book. I enjoy playing Farmville for an hour or so. I decided to pair my Facebook with reading a chapter of the watercolor painting book. Every time I finish a chapter, I allow myself to play an hour of Farmville. As a result, the Conditioned Stimulus (CS) is the book that has been paired with the positive feelings of Farmville and this correlation of emotions will change how I see and react to this book. As a result, when I see this book, I will feel happy and I will be more motivated to read it. It helps that after reading a book chapter, I reward myself with playing Farmville. My eating pattern for eating hamburgers shows operant conditioning, because I want to change the likelihood of eating hamburgers

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For the most part, dream theorists have concluded that dreaming is by and large no more than a “random by-product of REM sleep physiology” bereft of “any natural function” (Revonsuo 783). Revonsuo also rejects psychological theories that dreams are a method of emotional healing and adjustment to waking problems (p.
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Define,describe and give examples of classical and operant conditioning
Eventually, the dogs would even salivate when the experimenter entered the room. This phenomenon demonstrated that the dogs had learned to anticipate the food being presented. Classical conditioning became defined as the presentation of a neutral stimulus along with a stimulus of some significance (the “unconditioned” stimulus).
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Operant Conditioning, Classical Conditioning and Cognitive learning theories
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Classical and Operant Conditioning
Because of this addiction, I sacrifice sleep and other extra-curricular activities, although I make sure that I do not sacrifice my studies by playing. Lately, however, I have been increasing my play hours and this is bothering me. I want to decrease my hours of play to only 2 hours during school days and 3 hours during non-school days.
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Phobias and Addictions through Classical and Operant Conditioning
Associative learning happens when people or animals connect stimuli with responses (Lilienfeld et al., 2010, p. 182). These responses to stimuli can be removed, however, through the process of extinction. Extinction demonstrates that learned responses that are not reinforced right away will slowly lose its impact on animal/human behaviors (Lilienfeld et al., 2010, p.
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Introduction to classical and operant conditioning
It is a learning procedure which generally takes place through alliances between a naturally happening stimulus and an ecological stimulus. It has been apparently observed that the chief constituent present in classical conditioning is association. It implies that if in excess of one stimulus is constantly experienced together then they would become associated.
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Classical conditioning and operant conditioning
Classical conditioning is centred on involuntary and automatic behaviours while operant conditioning is related to voluntary behaviours. The stimulus that leads to a response is replaced by a varying stimulus in classical conditioning. The classical conditioning involves offering rewards and incentives.
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He provided the dogs with food, and monitored their salivary response and then he began ringing a bell just before presenting the food. He noticed that the dogs would begin to salivate on seeing his assistant carrying food pans even before he presented the
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Personal essay on past experience incorporating operant or classical conditioning terms and cites from Exploring Psychology in Modules 9th edition by David G. Meyers
I think largely that both the classical and operant conditionings have applied in my case. I learnt most of the skills through repeated actions,
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per day. A primary reinforcer is “a stimulus that is directly related to our survival” (Sato, 2010). The primary reinforcer of not eating hamburgers is that I will lose weight and shed bad cholesterol. Losing weight and having lower bad cholesterol is good for my survival. A secondary reinforcer is “a stimulus that is not directly related to survival but is associated with a primary reinforcer” (Sato, 2010). My secondary reinforcer is that every time I do not eat a hamburger, I will buy a favorite book after that week of self-control. The secondary reinforcer is the favorite book. Positive Punishment happens when a behavior is followed by an unpleasant stimulus (Sato, 2010). The positive punisher is that sometimes when I eat too much hamburgers, I feel sick. I can feel my body drowning in fats. Negative Punishment happens when a behavior is followed by the elimination of a pleasant stimulus (Sato, 2010). The negative punisher for this case is that when I eat more than two hamburgers, I will no longer eat my favorite chocolate cake for that week. Positive reinforcement occurs when a certain behavior is followed by the presentation of a pleasant stimulus. My positive reinforcement is that every time I eat two hamburgers or less, I will reward myself with a chocolate cupcake. Negative reinforcement takes when place when my hamburger eating behavior is followed by the removal of a disagreeable stimulus. My negative reinforcement is that when I do not eat more than two hamburgers, I will decrease time spent on doing a household chore I hate. Social/cultural factors can influence my behavior, because they teach me what is wrong and right, even with eating and studying patterns. An example is media, which affects my studying and eating patterns (Schueler, 1997). The conditioned stimulus for eating hambur
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Classical and operant conditioning: On eating burgers and studying painting Name University 23 February 2012 Classical and operant conditioning: On eating burgers and studying painting I have chosen to change my studying and eating patterns. I am not that interested in self-studying painting, but because my mother is learning it and I want to support her, I intend to increase my motivation to learn painting…
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Classical and Operant Conditioning
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