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No Essay, Short Answer - Assignment Example

For example, people of certain society learn to understand and apply certain norms, beliefs and expectations of the society. It is symbolic in that way of communication uses symbols to identify the given norms, values, traditions and actions of the people. It is patterned and integrated in that is aligned by specific dimension of social such as political and economic activities. These norms must be followed for the survival of the community. It is adaptive and compulsory in that adaption to culture is an evolutionary process that shapes the social life of people in a given society. In addition, people usually consider harmonious relationship with other groups. For instance, violation of values and norms has specific sanctions. 2. Define, compare, and contrast race and ethnicity. Discuss the origin and history of each term, and discuss its social implications today. Race can be defined as biological subspecies comprising of more or different people with anatomical traits or features that differentiates it from other races. On the other hand, ethnicity is defined as selected cultural features used to categorize people into groups considered to be significantly distinct from others. Ethnicity involves a loose group of people with less or no cultural traditions in common while race involves a strong and integrated group with common cultural traditions (Huntington, 2001). Race is biological and that it has caused societal discrimination. For instance, African Americans in the U.S.A were discriminated

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entering a new market through internally developed products is that it is very time consuming, costly and it is very difficult to estimate how that product is going to do. An advantage is that you don’t have to deal with all the legal expenses an acquisition or merger requires, among other things.
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Culture 2. Generalized, balanced, and negative reciprocity (INCLUDE ALL THREE TERMS PLEASE) 3. Extended family vs. nuclear family (INCLUDE BOTH TERMS PLEASE) 4. Kinship 5. Norms vs. transgressions (INCLUDE BOTH TERMS) 1. Culture This is a word with lots of connotations.
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Since culture passes on from generation to generation, it represents a heritage that has passed on for generations and in the study of anthropology the origin of man is explored, it is
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The Americans were instrumental in crushing the Islamic Palestinians and committing atrocities on them. He believed that the American government was systematically looting the oil rich Islamic nation and using the profits
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n economic development and measures the increase in country’s national output which could be due to improvement in quality of resources, technology, goods and services. Economic development quantifies the well being of the citizens of the state. It comprises of People’s
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Secondly, inflation helps to reduce the real value of private debt. Finally, it helps address the problem of increasing wages by reducing the value money
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Their stand was that the proposed constitution gave too much power to the federal government and this would lead to political corruption (Bond and Smith 22). 5. The social conditions conducive for
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Interventions are explicitly established for all these with the objective of decreasing the possibility of educational or societal letdown. Such intercessions can be communicative and or educational intercessions integrating scientifically recognized
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The Castle system is relevant in Hinduism because the later is in close relation with India. The system allows organization of population into four classes: Brahmins, Vaishyas, Kshatriyas and Dalits, which eases governance of Hindu religion. If Shiva
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and looked down upon. On the other hand, ethnicity evolved as a result of shared traditions, values and customs. Ethnicity has resulted in conflicts due to struggle over scarce resources in different countries such as Sudan. 3. Compare and contrast the three modes of food production strategies. Discuss the relationship between the natural environment and food production strategies. Foraging is the first mode of food production for survival of humans. It is the act of hunting wild animals and gatherings fruits for food. Cultivation is also form of food production strategy which involves the process of growing plants on arable land. In this case, water, seeds and land are essentials for crop growing. Lastly, there is industrial production which specializes in production and manufacturing of goods. This mode of production relies on machinery to support the industry. The relationship between environment and food production is intertwined in that healthy environments and ecosystem provides good platform for growth of plants while on the other hand, susceptible environment would lead to poor food production (Brockerman, 2011). 4. Compare arranged marriages to love marriages. What purpose does each serve in a culture? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Illustrate your discussions with specific examples. Arranged marriages entails a practice in which someone other than those getting married makes the selection of the party to be married or wed thus avoiding courtship process. They exist in Indonesia and China and in countries where Buddhism and Islam is predominant. In cultures where dating is not common, arranged marriages plays a vital role thus bringing together people who might not have met. In such cultures, arranged marriages is perceived as the norms, traditions and accepted by people of that society. For arranged marriage, the risk
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Anthropology Name Institution Anthropology 1. Define and discuss the major characteristics of culture. Provide examples from your personal life and experiences to illustrate your discussions. Culture is the way of living of certain community. It is therefore the shared and learned norms, beliefs and behavior of a community of interacting human beings (Gezon, 2011)…
No Essay, Short Answer Assignment
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