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Euthanasia, is it murder or mercy - Research Paper Example

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16 November 2011. Euthanasia - A murder or mercy? In this paper, I have discussed the findings of my research that I conducted upon euthanasia. So far, I had been consulting the secondary sources of information to enhance my knowledge of the subject, but this time I took my research to a further level by retrieving information from the primary sources…
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Euthanasia, is it murder or mercy
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"Euthanasia, is it murder or mercy"

Download file to see previous pages Finally, I have evaluated the one of the case studies according to the ethics theories of Immanuel Kant and Utilitarianism. I chose this topic because my grandmother in Ukraine suffered from bad health and was hospitalized for eight years before she died naturally. I saw how painful it was for her to live and for my father and his sister to took care of her alone at home. Being a Christian Catholick, I was against euthanasia before i did this research. This research taught me that euthanasia is often mercy rather than murder since it saves the patient agony and the relatives their time, energy and money. The other day, I was interviewing one of my class fellows’ parents. I had heard from my class fellow, Bob, that he had lately lost a younger sister, Maria, after she was badly injured in a car accident. I approached her parents for the interview. They said that as soon as Maria was driven over by the car, she was bleeding heavily. She was immediately hospitalized. Although the operation had been performed, there was little hope that she would survive. Maria was apparently in comma, but the doctors expressed no hope for her survival even if she temporarily recovered from the comma. Three weeks had passed since the accident. Maria’s family kept visiting her regularly. ...
However, they decided not to donate. A day after that, Maria died. Overwhelmed with the grief of losing their daughter, Maria’s parents asked the doctor if her organs would still be needed, but the doctors expressed that her organs were dead and were no more useful for Gene. Besides, the law forbade them to retrieve organs from a dead body. The news that Gene had first lost her vision and then died of the kidney malfunction only added to their grief. They felt like they had not lost one daughter, but two! The parents were in shock. I also observed my two friends who work as nurses in the Brooklyn hospitals Coney Island and Maimonides. When I asked their opinion about euthanasia, both of them spoke in its favor. They said they worked with terminally ill people on a daily basis. Their condition is miserable. There are a lot of patients that have been hospitalized for years and years. In the start, their children used to come to see them, but many of them have been abandoned with the passage of time. The quality of medical care, the environment and the room that a patient receives accords with the fee that the patients’ relatives pay. Thus, many patients have been hospitalized by their children in the cheapest rooms available in an attempt to minimize the hospital expenses. The nurses also told me that in some cases, they were left with no option but to transfer the patients to the old house for the children broke all contact with the doctors and never showed up again. I also personally went to the hospitals and talked to some terminally ill patients. The dryness of their speech and look reflected their intrinsic desire for death. Two patients burst into tears as soon as I started to speak to them. I saw numerous patients in comma that had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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