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The Strange case of Billy Biswas by Arun Joshi - Book Report/Review Example

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The Strange case of Billy Biswas was one of Arun Joshi’s primal works, almost three years after his literary debut. It is also probably one of his most famous books and he has analyzed the impossibility of the merge between the East and the West. …
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The Strange case of Billy Biswas by Arun Joshi
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"The Strange case of Billy Biswas by Arun Joshi"

Download file to see previous pages Arun Joshi is one of the postcolonial novelists who has made his point very clear with his book that the civilized is pretty much against the primitive and always will be. He has addressed the topic of polarization in this second novel of his, which of course he has done in a brilliant manner. He has taken one of the World’s largest democracies as his forte, India- to prove his point that the concept of India will always be split and irreconcilable. The differences that he has portrayed in his novel are pretty stark and they can hardly be taken in as ignorable. The story of The Strange case of Billy Biswas revolves around the narration of a friend of the protagonist and the intermittent peep into the strange life that is led by Billy Biswas, that is utterly so strange that finally leads top the disappearance of the protagonist without a trace. The story is entirely from the point of view of the friend who is a part of the Indian Civil Service and Billy Biswas being the Anthropologist who is obsessed with the unknown from the beginning of the book where he leads and active life in New York City. From the beginning it is shown that Billy Biswas has the ability and the inclination to be interested in places and people out of the ordinary; a trait that is not appreciated by his affluent father and the society that Billy hails from. This is the reason why even after his marriage to a so-called prospective and a very educated girl, Billy seems not to be satisfied since his solace lies in excursions to the forests where he seems to be searching for something out of his whim. There comes a time when Billy has lost all interest in Anthropology or any of his excursions save one-the last excursion that he undertakes- after having promised his wife not to yield to any more excursions for the rest of his life. It after this excursion that Billy never returns and is supposedly dead for the outside world. It is almost after a period of ten years when his friend finds him, completely altered in his appearance in one of the tribal areas of India. Having found him, Billy narrates to him and introduces to his friend a world completely unique and out of the world of the ordinary. Billy also explains the reasons for which he sacrificed his life in the civilized city in the first place. Billy claims to have the interest in the primitive people and their life, he also has a family in this place who is a woman utterly natural and supportive of him and ‘One’ with him and his dreams. Billy also has a son with his tribal wife. The story of Billy Biswas ends tragically with his father and wife in the civilized city getting to know of his whereabouts and with Billy accidentally being shot by one of his searchers. The story of Billy Biswas has many parameters of understanding if one has to analyze the depth in the story given. Existentialism is thus the key not in which The Strange Case of Billy Biswas revolves around. Keeping this is mind that Existentialism is basically a very modern concept which only stresses on the knowledge of the self, the analysis is basically based on the fact that man is a victim of ignorance and his innate tenderness of morality becomes selfish, which leads to a sense of blankness over the spirit that makes the world a waste and a vain show. The novelist has explored the possibilities of boundaries binding a man with existentialist qualities and boundaries like a brialliant academic career also does not stop him. Billy belongs to the creamy upper crust of Indian Elite Society. He also hold a strong primitive urge to probe into the inner decay and sterility of modernism, materialism and non-abeyance with Nature, the greatest teacher of all. The Strange Case ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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