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The Benefits and Costs of Basmati Rice - Case Study Example

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This research tells that Basmati rice is reputed to be one of the highest quality rice in the world, with an accompanying expensive price. In the recent past, the production of Basmati rice has witnessed growing attention, both from local producers, consumers, and international markets…
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The Benefits and Costs of Basmati Rice
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Extract of sample "The Benefits and Costs of Basmati Rice"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that geographical indicators refer to a type of regulation that enables a particular region to be the only source of production of a product, based on the location. This means that since Pakistan and India share the Indus region, the production of Basmati rice is done by the two countries. However, the introduction of a geographical indicator that covers only India would mean that the production in Pakistan would go to waste or loss. The introduction of geographical indicators would regulate the rice market since the rice produced in the region would have exclusive rights to the name Basmati. Hence, rice produced in other regions would not be called Basmati, thus granting a monopoly to the Basmati rice produced in the Indus region. The international trading community is faced with the growing tension between India, Pakistan and foreign producers of rice, hence the debate whether to patent the name Basmati. The emergence of foreign-produced Basmati has necessitated the need to introduce regulatory controls over its production, therefore, this paper will analyze the effects of the introduction of geographical indicator on the production, marketing, and subsequent sale of the Basmati rice. This will focus on the major stakeholders in the Basmati rice industry, namely the local consumers in India and Pakistan, the local producers, the export and import companies, the regulatory agencies, the patent holders of new basmati-like varieties, and global consumers.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Benefits and Costs of Basmati Rice Case Study.
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