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Screenplay: a Chef in the House of the Mayor - Assignment Example

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In the essay “Screenplay: a Chef in the House of the Mayor” the author provides the plot where Adam, a chef in the house of the mayor is living in poverty and his wife, Dora, has been recently diagnosed with cancer. His son attends school with the mayor’s son, where he is being sponsored by the mayor…
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Screenplay: a Chef in the House of the Mayor
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Download file to see previous pages He then plans and executes his revenge on the mayor and sheriff.
(The family (Adam, Dora and their son Jordan) is having dinner, seated around a small dinner table. There is a bowl of spaghetti in the middle of the table and each of them has small bowls of soup. The mood is somber).
(He stands up, paces around the room, muttering something to himself. He stops at a photograph hung on the wall and stares for a moment before picking it and reads something written on the back side of the frame. He hangs it back on the wall and exits, grabs his coat hung by the door on his way out)
(Jonson is in the living room, seated on a long dining table reading the newspaper. James and another child pass by playful from one end of the stage and exit in the other. A window in the living room overlooks the neighborhood, consisting of posh homes, followed by an informal settlement and at the horizon is the town.)
MARGARET: Well, I am too. But if you are an enthusiastic reader, you will see at the end of the article that the neighboring town just opened a new public hospital to subsidize the cost of health care for the same poor.
JONSON: (suddenly changes the tone of his voice) Well, it’s a mutual business actually. I’m in need of your services. We need someone to supply arms to the ghetto without incriminating us. It has been long since the media covered an article about our little town.
DORA: I kept on insisting you should tell him to stop his son from mistreating Jordan but as usual, you ignored me. Thanks to your “humility” our son are now crippled. He was attacked by a mob of ten boys, all because of what? He is not supposed to be talking to the girls. When you go back tell your stupid boss that we do not need him to pay school fees for our son we can do it (Voice breaks off and she starts sobbing uncontrollably)
ADAM: (moves over to her side and embraces her and Jordan) don’t worry my love; it’s all going to be alright.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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