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Jeff Koonss Works a Binary between Art and Kitsch - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Jeff Koons’s Works – a Binary between Art and Kitsch” the author analyses an art form in an inferior style of the already existing art models. Now in modern society, many artists have started applying this art form as a medium to convey sentimental views…
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Jeff Koonss Works a Binary between Art and Kitsch
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Extract of sample "Jeff Koonss Works a Binary between Art and Kitsch"

Download file to see previous pages The controversy raised against this art form that it gave way for consumer-related beliefs ended up with a notion that kitsch art restructured the serious representations of the traditions and culture. But the modern trend artists like the Norwegian artist Odd Nerudrum, or the American artist Thomas Kinkade along with the advent of advertising media and modernism, has manifested the art form in a different shape. This could be one of the reasons for the acceptance of kitsch as another art form itself in spite of the tranquil controversies.
Odd Nerudrum [1999] observes “The concept of Kitsch, in the derogatory sense of cheap decoration, came into use a hundred years ago when the new Modernism clashed with the old European culture -- the stagnant and regressive world. Most people in the art world seem to believe that if 17th-century Rembrandt had lived today, he would have been a Jackson Pollock or a conceptual artist”. But the entry of commodity art has to lead the art field to a world of commercials and low aesthetic values. Jeff Koons could be mentioned here as a typical example of developing art or kitsch in a way aloof form what the other majority artists consider as postmodernism.
Jeff Koons an American artist is the forerunners of Kitsch. He communicated his thoughts through the kitsch along with the intervention of a new culture called commodity culture. But many of his art shows and gallery displays laid grounds of controversies on whether Koons had been really sticking to the postmodern aesthetics or just working out for the well being of the consumer response?
The arguments over the commodity culture have been a sort of threat to the reputation gained by Koons. The thought of consumption, which relates things, that satisfy human beings with that of production estimated and manifested by an individual himself. However, the intervention of markets, competition, money needs and increasing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Jeff Koonss Works a Binary between Art and Kitsch Assignment, n.d.)
Jeff Koonss Works a Binary between Art and Kitsch Assignment.
(Jeff Koonss Works a Binary Between Art and Kitsch Assignment)
Jeff Koonss Works a Binary Between Art and Kitsch Assignment.
“Jeff Koonss Works a Binary Between Art and Kitsch Assignment”.
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