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Analysis of The Warning vs. The Untouchable - Movie Review Example

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This movie review discusses an analysis of The Warning vs. The Untouchable. The film aims to investigate the top government officials at the time. These persons are believed to have failed to put effective regulatory policies in the derivatives market…
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Analysis of The Warning vs. The Untouchable
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Extract of sample "Analysis of The Warning vs. The Untouchable"

Download file to see previous pages He stars Mrs. Brooksley Born, a lawyer who had been friends with Hillary Clinton before the Clinton Administration. Due to this friendship, Hillary had hoped to see her friend appointed as Attorney General once Clinton was elected president. Unfortunately, her attempts failed and she could only secure Born head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, CFTC. It is this position that Mrs. Born becomes important in warning people about the impending collapsing of the US economy.
On the other hand, the film documentary The Untouchables is produced by Martin Smith is an investigative film that provides viewers with the insight of the prevailing lack of justice regarding Wall Street executives. Similar to the film the warning, Martin exposes the inefficiency of the judicial system to prosecute Wall Street executives who permitted in illegal trading of mortgage-backed. This, together with the crisis in the derivative market catalyzed the deterioration of the economic situation in the US in 2008. In the documentary, Martin explains the unregulated issuance of expensive home loans to a growing number of borrowers. In the film, he constantly criticizes the Wall Street official for selling bad mortgages to borrowers. He says that it is due to this fact that the economic collapse in 2008. He adds that this phenomenon led to other adversaries on US citizens. Some of these include the millions of people who lost their houses as well as the massive laying down of laborers in the country at the time. In another part of the interview, Steve describes how the subject caused a sink in demand for goods and services. This, as he explains, had an immense impact on most industries of the country. The adverse effects associated with this would be a decline in national production which led to the inevitable laying down of workers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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