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Marginalized Masculinity in the Snatch - Movie Review Example

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The author of this text presents a review of the movie entitled "Snatch". Thus, it is stated here that this article primarily explains how the marginalized characters in the movie, Snatch, find their survival tactics in London. These characters include the Blacks, Poor, Jewish, American and Pikies. …
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Marginalized Masculinity in the Snatch Movie
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"Marginalized Masculinity in the Snatch"

Download file to see previous pages The film comprises two plots, which interweave throughout the movie. For instance, there are scenes of boxing matches that interweave with scenes of retrieving the diamond. Apart from characters who have varied tastes and traits, the audience is also introduced to many communities with different cultures; something that further causes more confusion when watching this film.
The characters in the Snatch movie uniquely anticipate their survival mechanisms in London. Within these criminal activities, they undisclosed their home of origin. They broadly exercise the picture of a fat gateway driver, a rather vicious dog and a man-eating pig in their illegal boxing activity. In this film, the accent is purely penetrable English for both British and non-British audience. Perhaps, the adoption of pure English and the friendly nature of the marginalized characters in London would be a move towards acceptability by the London communities. In the spirit of this movie’s fair play, Guy adds a wanderer dialect in this moving picture. Living in London is not a bed of roses for these characters who are always trying to falsify everything they do in order to fit in the communities around them. A better life is seemingly fourth coming through the pretense of dialect. Whether you are an American, Jewish or Pikies, speaking in one gypsy dialect was the order of the day. This is done in the Snatch movie to reduce the level of curiosity by both the white and Anglo-Saxon Protestants on marginalized groups. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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