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It speaks in a distinctive manner about its attributes, aim and background. It is a unique piece of thoughtfulness and sensation, which carries extensive meaning to diverse spectators. Since its creative-birth viewers comprehend it…
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Art and Culture
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Art Art is a living piece of unique facts and tale. It speaks in a distinctive manner about its attributes, aim and background. It is a unique piece of thoughtfulness and sensation, which carries extensive meaning to diverse spectators. Since its creative-birth viewers comprehend it according to their perceptions; however, creator instils a peculiar message and motto with it. Deciphering it requires sincere effort to study and comprehend ‘artistic-codes’ and that can be done through vast research of artist and era it was produced in. Art is a living portrait of a particular aim, tale, revolution or dilemma. It can be anything and everything. The canvas of an artist is not vast, but his scope is and it’s significant to look beneath the surface of art rather than just exploring its medium and texture.
The ‘Tutankhamuns Golden Death Mask’ is a spectacular piece of art and is kept in Cairo Museum of Art. The death mask is believed to be of prince Tutankhamun son of Akhtenaten. Tutankhamun was 19 years old when he broke his leg and infection caused his death. The mask is made of 24 pound pure gold, blue-glass and embedded with various precious stones (, 2014). It covered the head and shoulder area of the deceased. This mask is a replica of the dead prince though a little artistically presented, but it creates the ultimate portrait of the deceased prince. To check its resemblance with the late king, mummy of Tutankhamun and the mask were matched, bold lips, prominent nose, well shaped eyes and chin matched with the features of mummy. The most prominent thing about the mask is its youthfulness, which is evident in the mask. Death mask was made to honor the dead young King/ prince and to secure his position in life-after-death.
Reference:,. (2014). 10 Most Distinguished Works of Ancient Egyptian Art - History Lists. Retrieved 16 September 2014, from Read More
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Art and Culture Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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