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History of Art - Assignment Example

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The following assignment under the title "History of Art" deals with the different works of art and their descriptions. According to the text, in the Article “Hatshepsut, Wicked Stepmother or Joan of Arc,” Peter F. Dorman of the University of Chicago analyzes the long history of Hatshepsut…
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History of Art
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Extract of sample "History of Art"

Download file to see previous pages But Dorman indicates that new evidence makes this narrative seem less likely – the fact, for instance, that the images of Hatshepsut did not begin to be excised from records until twenty years after her successor took over the throne. As Dorman states, revenge is unlikely to wait “two decades” before being enacted – so there must be something else going on here (Dorman). Furthermore, it appears that she take over of kingly duties was somewhat gradual – she began being portrayed as a religious leader then became more and more kingly as time progressed. She seemed to have simply pragmatically done what was needed in order to keep the dynastic line intact, which proved problematic for her son, who then had to erase her to legitimize his own claim.
It is always interesting to compare works of art across cultures and time periods. There are several universal aspects of human life that, despite their universality, are dealt with very differently across cultures. One such universal aspect of life is death – everyone dies, and every culture has unique ways of dealing with this fact. It is thus very interesting to compare Pericles’ Funeral Oration with Rogier van der Wyden’s Decent from the Cross because they show two distinct but similar reactions to death.
These two works show very different kinds of death – Pericles’ oration talks about the deaths of many in a recent war, while Decent shows the immediate aftermath of the death of a religious leader. One of the most interesting things about this is that both works show very strongly gendered reactions to death. Pericles spends most of his oration honoring the dead, then closes with a call for men to live up to the example left for them by their departed comrades.  Women are completely absent from the work until the very end when he simply enjoins women, who will “henceforth be widows” to “not show more weakness than is natural to her sex.” ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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History of Art Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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