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Five themes of art and identifying and describing two examples of works (from different centuries or cultures) - Research Paper Example

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number Date Themes of art In arts, a theme is the general impression or message communicated by the art work. It involves painting, creating performance or a picture. Themes are not directly stated in the art work but they are implied…
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Five themes of art and identifying and describing two examples of works (from different centuries or cultures)
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Download file to see previous pages i. Art of daily life Art and craft remains among the major practices carried by different cultures since time in memorial. Art is expressed through the objects, images and architecture created for daily use. According to Rauschenberg (1925 p. 51), these objects (material things) have meanings further outside the practical functions. A perfect example is the art of basketry which is perceived to be of great importance by the Pomo Indians. According to their legend, a Pomo ancestor stole the sun from gods in order to give light to dark earth; he used the basket to cover the sun high up. The Pomo basket depicts the universe which they used to move knowledge to human beings from gods in the beginning of the world. Another example is the Islamic art of the tile used in decoration of architectural surfaces. Though used by different cultures in the world, it particularly features the Islamic art. Tiles are mostly used to decorate the surfaces of a mosque, homes, schools, palaces and others. The tiles were therefore used to illustrate the interior design of a 19th century Iranian mosque. Different cultures can depict the art of life from different objects in which they use for everyday life. ii. Sacred realm Different people holding on different cultures have turned the universe into a sacred place of spirits. They communicate with spirits and develop faith that the spirits have answers to questions like the origin of the world, the beginning of life, the purpose of life and others. Through these beliefs, they have created different arts to enable them to develop the realism that allow them to communicate with the spirits. Different cultural believes have different images and objects for this purpose, they include the different cultural believes which are; Christians, Islamic, Indus and others Rauschenberg (1925 p.53) Architectural works have been created with different shapes and designs to portray the setting of a place that can be used to conduct the rituals of prayers and worship. A good example is the Great Mosque which is an Islamic place of worship in Cordoba, Spain. The interior hall used for prayers has immense horizontal space with a regular rhythm of virtual forest of arches. The light goes in by the doorways placed on perimeter of the hall, filtered through the many columns which create shadows that make the interior design grasp the worshippers. The alternation of the red and white colors into sections creates a distinction in the arch forms while the hanging oil lamp at the centre of worship creates more shadows. Another example that depicts realism in the Christian believes is the model of Mary mother of Christ sited calmly on the throne holding the gesture who is the child Christ on her hand. She is surrounded by angels to quest believers of paradise and in great serenely posture of a virgin symbolizing holiness. iii. Politics and social order Most important systems that human beings hold on are the societies. Most of the early societies believed that the order in the universe is directly related to the earthly order, for example in Egypt Pharaoh who was the king was seen as a link between God the earth. He was seen as a small god and a ruler whose job was to maintain order on earth. When he died, people believed that he joined the gods; they prepared many tombs for him a sign of honor. Most known are the three pyramids, which up to date still serve as inspiring structures. Its weight and extend is tremendous that reflect the power of Pharaohs to command immense forces, it also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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