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Film Analysis of the Written on the wind - Movie Review Example

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This movie review describes a 1956 film which was directed by Douglas Sirk entitled Written on the wind. The movie reveals about politics is the cliché that has been used time and time again; “it is a dirty game”.The film shows how people in power use their wealth to have their way. …
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Film Analysis of the Written on the wind
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"Film Analysis of the Written on the wind"

Download file to see previous pages Marylee, for example, has a strong lustful attraction to Mitch since they were children. Though Mitch shows no interest of indulging in to a relationship with her, she is still persistent in pursuing after him. One night, she is overcome by the fact that Mitch is not at her disposal and she goes on to pick up Biff Miley, an ex-football player from her high school days. The first few words that she utters are indicative of the vacuous sexual needs and existence. The writer also highlights how the culture in the 1950’s prompted people to pursue after success and in the process forget how to raise up their family. When Kyle, who has resumed his drinking habits after his visit to the doctor, is brought home by Mitch and Lucy; and Marylee is dropped by the police at home together with Biff, Jasper is exasperated by the behavior of his children. At this point, he mentions to Mitch of how his marriage has been a flunk, how his relationship with his brother has worsened, and finally, how his two children have developed a reputation that is contrary to his desires. What Jasper is trying to Mitch is that he has failed in the patriarchal society. It is therefore evident that the writer is of the view that the politics and culture in the 1950’s were patriarchal. The film several themes that are prevalent throughout the film. The themes depict or bring to light the squalid issues in society during the 1950’s. Nymphomania is one of the themes that is highlighted in the film. Marylee is the character that the writer uses to highlight this theme. She has the urge to relieve her sexual tensions with Mitch but his withdrawal forces her to go and sleep with other men. When she is brought home by the police after she, together with Biff are arrested, Biff mentions that it’s...
This movie review focuses on the Written on the wind film, that iis a 1956 film which was directed by Douglas Sirk. The film draws its name from the Robert Wilders 1945 novel, “Written on The Wind”. It gives an account of the real life scandal that involved Libby Holman and her husband Zachary Smith Reynolds, who was a tobacco heir. However, in the film, Gorge Zuckerman, the man in charge of the screen play, changes the characters and the location of the source of the family wealth. He shifts it to Texas from North Carolina and substitutes the tobacco with oil. In conclusion, the film can be categorized as both a shaper of the 1950’s culture and a reflection of it. The film is reflection of the culture because it depicts how people in the 1950’s were so much indulged in the pursuit of riches and fame that in the process, they lost track of what was valuable to society; that is family. It also reflects how people in power during this period put on facades and hid their true nature and problems behind these facades. Kyle for example was wearing a “dashing playboy” façade to hide the fact that he could not be what his father expected him to be and that he had problems. The film is a shaper because it points out the societal ills that were present in the 1950’s. It was therefore an eye opener to everyone who was living in this era that the society was slowly decaying and the morals were slowly being lost. However, the shaping function of the film is very minimal when compared to the reflection function because not much change was initiated after the film was released. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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