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The News Director of a Local Television Station - Term Paper Example

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Questions and Answers Institution Affiliation: Date: Part One Journalism covers every aspect of the society, cutting across cultural, social, economic, and political aspects. At every level of news making and reporting, there are variables that are of interest to the masses…
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The News Director of a Local Television Station
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Download file to see previous pages In this regard, effect on viewers and story ratings are essential concerns to consider in deciding on the lead story (Harcup, 2009). In the scenario presented, there are two cases of a possible lead story. The first one relates to the city park and the council’s decision to close it three days a week. The second one relates to the death of the celebrity. While the park is associated with greater viewer effect, the celebrity’s death comes with bigger ratings. Even though both are important, the celebrity’s death makes a fundamental lead story. This is because death is an eventual occurrence while closure of the park is not. There must have been follow-up events on the news in relation to arriving at the decision of closing the part for the said three days. On the other hand, celebrities are crucial social icons that are great regard to different people. Also, the ratings would not be realized in the absence of creating significant viewer effect. In the making of lead stories, the viewer effect or the rating achieved are fundamental but not primarily the only concern for journalists and their media houses. There are other after-story concerns that emerge every time a lead story is done. Just like any other business, media houses have financial objectives and goals to achieve. They have to generate revenues in every aspect of their business aspects. To do so, they have to relate all variables that affect the leads story ad further account for the impacts thereafter. The main concern is to create a name for the media house in every aspect that touches on the society as a whole. The city park may is likely to be of much significance to the residents of the city. The death of a celebrity is of national and international concern, making it the most favorable leads story between the two. On the same note, the media houses are likely to have the celebrity’s death as their main story during that time, following up the unfolding events therein. Disregarding this aspect relative to the likely regard that the celebrity may hold in both national and international contexts would not be addressing viewer concerns. Over and above this, the success of a lead story and the media house at large in realizing viewer effect is as much as significant as a bigger rating. It is important to account for all-round media variables when deciding on the lead story, other than just being oriental to the greater effect on viewers (Harcup, 2009). Part Two Television and movies are essential components of social design and development. Regard for television and movies vary across individuals, with one thing being commonly evident; interest for television and movies. In the television and movies context, culture is a diverse and dynamic concept. Variables that define culture vary, but aspects of culture are always evident. Culture is reflected in television and movies in unaccountable ways. However, the most common ways through which culture is reflected in this regard can be condensed to constitute a few significant and notable ways. Themes of televising and movie making serves as a medium through which television and movies reflect culture (Miller, 2003). Movies must account for some theme, and so do the television. Themes are essentially the central variable focused on in television and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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