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Analysis of Salome Dancing before Herod by Gustave Moreau - Term Paper Example

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This paper talks about Salome Dancing before Herod by Gustave Moreau. Salome, the young girl in the painting, is the daughter of Herod, and his wife Herodias. She falls in love with John the Baptist. However, John the Baptist does not feel attracted to Salome and she gets upset…
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Analysis of Salome Dancing before Herod by Gustave Moreau
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Download file to see previous pages Herod, on the other hand, is in love with his own daughter, but of course, Salome does not love Herod in that fashion. Hence, to enforce her father to get John’s head, Salome dances for Herod in a way of seducing him (Nermeena 1). This painting by Gustave Moreau came out quite differently from the facts in the Bible. Critics found the astonishing, superhuman Salome to be an overpowering fascination portrayed from that canvas painting. Also, the watercolor known as the Apparition was fairly screaming. This was how Huysmans, a French novelist, wrote about Moreau's Salome in his book, A Rebours (1884). The theme was tremendously popular in the figurative arts, music, as well as literature, towards the end of the century. The theme concurred with the misogynous attitude of the Symbolists. In the interpretation given in Huysmans’ text, people can view Salome as a vicious female who seduces Herod, her own father, in order to get John’s head. ...
The unicorns are symbols of purity, as well as chastity. The work also suggests a feeling of serenity, as well as comfort, in the mythological subject matter. The painting was completed in 1875, and it adopted the style of symbolism (Moreau 1). Also, it is classified under the religious genre. The painting used oil technique on canvas material, and its dimensions are 61cm by 92cm. The room the painting is placed in is extremely spacious with regards to the size of the painting (Moreau 1). The room’s dimensions were 870 by 700 cm. This is adequate space for the painting. A painting, in its showcase, needs adequate room, as well as lighting. The room is also painted white (Moreau 1). Hence, the dark color of the painting makes it stand out. The artificial lighting is, hence, not needed. Other two paintings that caught the eyes of many viewers were the “Jupiter and Semele”, as well as the Dream. The latter work was done by Gustave Moreau and the first work by Pierre Puvis de Chavannes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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