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Visual Arts: Critique of Art Work - Personal Statement Example

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Contemporary art is one the popular art classifications of our historic past. The research centers on the Contemporary art form. The research includes focus on Vincent Van Gogh’s artistic genius. The Ox Cart exemplifies the artistic brilliance of Vincent Van Gogh’s the Ox Cart art piece. …
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Visual Arts: Critique of Art Work
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Download file to see previous pages The 1884 Van Gogh masterpiece clearly shows the genius of Van Gogh’s contemporary art displayed in the Portland Museum of Contemporary Art. The Ox Cart painting has an effect on the Portland Museum art viewers’ mind. The painting easily prompts the art viewers to admire Van Gogh’s strong sense of balance, and unity. In terms of balance, the painting shows several birds flying at both the left side and the right side of the Ox Cart. In addition, the Ox Cart is drawn in center of the painting. The space on the left of the article is similar to the space on the right of the painting. Likewise, the space on the top of the Ox Cart is similar to the space on the bottom of the bottom of the painting.
Further, the Ox Cart painting has an effect on the art viewers’ emotions. The painting inspires the Portland Art museum’s painting viewers to do and give their best in their every activity. The painting viewers will emulate the hard work of Van Gogh in their daily activities. The Ox cart painting viewers are persuaded to emulate Van Gogh’s penchant for perfection. The balance magnificently juxtaposed in the above painting inspires the viewers to give their best output, not their optimum work output. Carol Duncan insists that art museums can be likened to old Ceremonial monuments such as palaces or temples. The museums mimic palaces or temples because the modern taste continues to emulate the formal balance as well as dignity of the structure.
Furthermore, the Ox Cart painting has an effect on the art viewers’ character. The painting encourages the Portland Museum of Contemporary Art visitors to be fair in all their dealings. The painting shows that Van Gogh was fair in all his art activities. The Ox Cart painting clearly indicates Van Gogh fairly created masterpieces, not mediocre art works. The same painting indicates that Van Gogh fairly gave his best to capture life on the painting canvass. The painting fairly shows that the Ox Cart was the popular mode of transportation during Van Gogh’s time period. Truly, Van Gogh was a realist. A realist is a person who focuses on real situations in life, not a make believe world. The Portland, Oregon Art museum has a famous Vincent Van Gogh art masterpiece. The art masterpiece is entitled The Ox-Cart. The painting is displayed in the Museum’s Jubitz Section of Contemporary Art (ref: The painting was originally owned by a resident of the Roseburg, part of Oregon. The Portland Art Museum’s Brian Ferriso, states that the Philanthropic donation will greatly benefit the future generations of our nation. The donors belong to the Sohn family. The Sohn family’s generations have admired their Van Gogh painting, Ox Cart, for many decades. The Portland Art Museum’s visitors will surely admire the philanthropic Van Gogh gift. The visitors include today’s people, their children, and many future generations of art lovers. Portland Art Museum. Portland is one of the oldest museums in the United States. The museum has over 41,000 art masterpieces on display in its art rooms. One of the museum’s display rooms includes meticulously selected contemporary art masterpieces. The Ox Cart is one of the priceless contemporary paintings of Portland art museum. The museum receives more than 340,000 annual art enthusiasts ( Bradley Collins (p.1) emphasized Van Gogh’s artistic genius generated many art devotees. Van Gogh’s global loyalists include Japanese tourists travelling to Auvers to sprinkle their relatives’ ashes on Van Gogh’s grave. The paintings of Van Gogh, including the Ox- Cart do not show the artist’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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